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Preparing Outdoor Areas for Fall

We may not want to talk about it, but in much of our footprint, it’s starting to feel like fall. Leaves are changing, mornings are cool and crisp, and we will soon exchange our shorts and sandals for scarves and boots. And, this fall will look especially different than those past, specifically because of the changes brought about by COVID-19.

As the fall will look different, so will the way business owners prepare for this ensuing season. The pandemic has influenced the way customers perceive safety, and indoor locations are failing to provide them with the comfort they’re looking for. That is why you should turn your focus on doing all you can to help your customers prepare their outdoor areas for the fall. 

How can I prepare my outdoor area for fall?

More restaurants and business owners are realizing that people feel safer outdoors, and that the fresh outdoor air is actually safer than stale indoor air (for information on Indoor Air Quality, visit our IAQ Page).

Whether you’re working with a restaurant owner to help change the way their patio looks, or a homeowner wanting to extend the life of their patio season at home, heaters can help people expand their space, and keep the warmth around for just a little longer! 

We’re spending more time outside than ever, so help make your customers’ outdoor spaces more comfortable by providing them with premium outdoor heaters! Outdoor heaters are a great solution to the current problems.

They will not only attract more clients to their place of business, but will also serve as an invaluable safety measure that will help those clients feel safer. Gustave A. Larson has brought in some of the best products in the market, just in time for the fall season.

What are the benefits of outdoor patio heaters?

When you’re advising your clients on how to select the perfect outdoor heater for their business, don’t forget to mention just how many benefits they will reap when they deduce to install them. Here are some of the biggest advantages of outdoor patio heaters:

  • Provides comfort to spaces up to 24 feet in diameter

  • Aesthetically pleasing, modern design

  • Some compatible with smart controls

  • Electrical energy savings, reduces carbon footprint

  • Easy to install

  • Maintenance free

  • Some are wind, rain and snow resistant

  • Most come with warranties

It is all these benefits that make outdoor patio heaters the best option for making your customers’ outdoor areas more comfortable for their clients, which is a vital part of helping them prepare for the fall.

Which outdoor patio heater distributor should I turn to?

If you’re looking for ways to help your customers prepare for the fall, one of the best things you can do for them is offer them a chance to purchase outdoor patio heaters. Outdoor heaters are an excellent option for prolonging the outdoor-seating season, which is paramount in these difficult times. 

However, you need to find a reputable distributor who is able to supply you with the best Gustave A. Larson is your go-to for outdoor patio heaters and more! Check out this flyer for more information on what we have to offer. Talk to your Larson representative today or head to to order!