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Reasons to Schedule Fall Furnace Tune-Ups

Don’t wait until temperatures plummet – now is the absolute best time to make sure your customer’s furnace is ready to go. By tuning up their heating appliance, you can save them time and money that might have gone into addressing a crisis. Also, you can help them avoid the inconvenience and danger of leaving their family without heat during the coldest part of the year.

Why should I tune up my customers’ furnace during the fall?

Many of the things we use in daily life require preventative maintenance. As you know, furnaces have lots of parts that can wear out over time. A furnace tune-up in the fall allows you to examine the inner workings of a customer’s furnace to ensure all of the important components are functioning correctly and safely. 

Fixing issues in the fall means your customer is less likely to have a breakdown when it’s cold outside, and when you and your technicians are in high demand. That not only keeps your customers covered, but also allows you to have the time and the resources to help all your customers out in due time.

What are the benefits of a fall tune-up?

Longer system life

When we take care of the things we own, they last longer. Most HVAC systems that fail prematurely do so because of lack of maintenance. When customers forgo maintenance, their system will experience a buildup of dirt and debris. When this happens, the system will no longer be able to function at peak efficiency.

A healthy system that undergoes routine maintenance will last 25-40% longer. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a proper furnace tune-up can improve a system’s durability, saving money in the long run. 

Moreover, an optimally performing heating system requires fewer repairs over the life of the system. Explain to your customer that regular maintenance will make their system run longer, thus helping them eliminate repair and potential replacement costs.

Reduced risk of a breakdown

A seasonal furnace tune-up reduces the likelihood of an untimely breakdown. When heating systems run to the maximum, they’re bound to break down eventually. For instance, a furnace can break down when there’s hash weather conditions or during an important holiday when friends or family are over. 

In fact, some experts have said that 75% of calls during the winter are due to lack of maintenance. Give your customers peace of mind, and assure them they will save money with an annual tune-up. Your licensed technicians will be able to spot any current issues the furnace is facing as well as any potential problems.

Increased energy efficiency

Since heating and cooling equipment accounts for nearly half of a home’s energy costs, it’s important that the system works efficiently. When a heating system has to work harder to provide a certain level of comfort, it requires more energy, which also means more money.

A furnace tune-up includes gas calibration and the inspection and cleaning of the ignition system and burners to ensure correct temperature output. In addition to ensuring safe operation, this will keep the furnace running as efficiently as possible all season. This will significantly lower your electric bills.


As you know, a furnace has to burn fuel to provide heat. Even a small problem in this combustion process can lead to harmful carbon monoxide levels or a dangerous gas leak. Having one of your trained technicians test and inspect your customer’s entire heating system each year will ensure it’s safe to operate.

Clean air

Most furnace tune-ups also include some basic cleaning and a new air filter. This cleaning process can help remove some of the dust and debris in the system, improving air quality throughout the home. More involved tune-ups may also include duct cleaning, which removes even more dust and dirt from the home.

Proper airflow

Restricted or limited airflow places an unnecessary strain on a furnace, which can lead to a shortened lifespan and/or increased repairs. During a furnace tune-up, your technician will perform a static airflow test. This test will measure how hard the fan is working to move air throughout the home.

Ensure the manufacturer’s warranty stays in effect

Most manufacturers require homeowners to have licenced professionals perform regular maintenance on their HVAC system, as well as keep records of all work. Failure to do so could void their warranty.

Peace of mind

The most important reason to provide Fall maintenance tune-ups for your customers is for their peace of mind. You are the subject matter experts, and they will rely on you to help them get through the heating and cooling seasons comfortably. 

When you provide quality work and build a relationship with your customers, they will keep coming back to you. Now is a great time to start building that rapport with them!

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