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Help Keep Homeowners Cool without the AC!

Electricity bills skyrocket during the summer months. Most people rely on keeping the air conditioning on the entire day, but that can get pricey! Here are a few tricks homeowners can use to keep their house cooler and keep more cold hard cash in their pockets.

How can I keep a home cool without AC?

Keeping your home cool without turning on your air conditioner might seem impossible, but it’s actually not. There are several tricks you can employ if you’re looking to keep your home naturally cool.

Deploy blinds & shades

Keep blinds and shades closed during the day. Keeping the sun directly out of the home can keep it several degrees cooler without turning on your HVAC.

Check your ceiling fans

Make sure ceiling fans are spinning in the right direction. Most ceiling fans have a switch on the side that allows homeowners to change the way the fan rotates. This will allow the fan to push air downward toward the floor in the summer, and up towards the ceiling in the winter.

Use portable fans

Portable fans use less energy than your HVAC unit does. Putting these fans in areas that can help push the cool air into a warmer space can make a big difference, helping you stay cool with less energy consumption.

Inspect air leaks

Check for air leaks around doors and windows. Make sure there is proper insulation along doors and windows to keep the cold air in and the warm air out. Leaks and poor insulation can be the cause of a hot home.

Turn off the lights

Turn off unused lights, and try to use natural light whenever possible. Although it doesn’t seem so, lights can get a home rather warm. And, use LED bulbs!

Dry your laundry naturally

Hanging wet laundry outside will prevent dryer use. That helps keep warm air out of the house, and keeps your bills down with less appliance use.

Grill away

Cooking inside using a stove top and/or oven will certainly warm up a home. So, maybe take the dinner outside to the grill! Some people even get creative with veggies or side dishes cooked over an open flame.

Open your windows

Some nights, temperatures drop to comfortable levels. Open the windows during the evening to let the fresh cool air in. Just make sure to always pay attention to the weather!

Nighttime appliances

Run appliances at night. This way, they use less energy, keeping your electric bills low, and they won’t get your home all warm during the day.

Cotton sheets

Use cotton sheets with a low thread count. These types of cotton sheets help you cool down during the night. You don’t have to turn on your HVAC system to sleep well in the summer.

Premium HVAC systems for when you really need them

Sometimes, though, even with using all the tricks we’ve given you, the temperature in your home won’t go down. That is when you need to think about acquiring a high-quality air conditioning unit from a certified dealer. 

Gustave A. Larson is a wholesale distributor of residential and commercial HVAC systems, equipment, and parts, and we know just what makes an air conditioner good. We only deal in HVAC units that  improve the indoor air quality in people’s homes while keeping the home cool for a long time. Contact G.A. Larson if you’d like to become one of or certified dealers & help owners have comfortable homes.