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Claiming your My Business Google Listing
Claiming your My Business Google listing is an important part of owning a business in this day and age. If you have not claimed your business listing on Google yet, NOW is the time!

Step 1: go to
Step 2: Enter the name and address of your business, and select the correct one from the search results
Step 3: Click Continue. You’ll see one of two options:
               -A message indicating that someone else has verified the business profile
               -If the profile is not yet claimed, you can claim and verify the profile yourself.
Step 4: Click Request Access and fill out the form.
Step 5: Click submit.

Your request will need to be approved, and that may take up to two weeks. However, once you have successfully claimed your listing, you’ll want to verify your business listing. Most businesses do this by postcard.

Step 1: Sign in to your Google My Business account
Step 2: Choose the business you’d like to verify and click Verify Now
Step 3: On the postcard request screen, make sure your address is correct. Change it if there are any errors.
Step 4: Click send postcard
Step 5: Most postcards arrive within 14 days. Don’t edit any business information on your business listing while you wait for the card to arrive.

Once you get your postcard, follow these steps to verify your business

Step 1: Sign in to your Google My Business account. Open the location you’d like to manage.
Step 2: Click Verify Location from the menu, or click the Verify Now button
Step 3: In the Code field, enter the 5-digit verification code from your postcard.
Step 4: Click Submit.

-You can always request a new postcard if yours is delayed or gets lost in the mail.
-Complete all the business information Google asks for. It will help with how well your website performs
-Check back often! Changes happen all the time, so make sure everything is up to date

Can’t seem to figure it out? Check out the links below for more information!