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The Case for Concentrated Coil Cleaner Systems

The Case for Concentrated Coil Cleaner Systems

Since the early 1900’s, when the first air conditioner was developed, technology has continued to improve in the HVAC/R market. From enhanced features and energy efficiency, to new and groundbreaking commercial HVAC systems, the HVAC/R field is always changing. 

One of the most recent changes is a new approach to cleaning coils. The use of concentrated coil cleaner systems are beginning to infiltrate the contractor market. These systems improve how the coil cleaner is applied to the outdoor coil, eliminating dilution errors and spillage, while also reducing the chemical footprint on the truck. These are all advantages a contractor can expect when using a concentrated coil cleaner system.

What exactly is a concentrated coil cleaner system?

A concentrated coil cleaner system is: a pre-portioned concentrated mix of coil cleaner with a set dilution ratio when accompanied with the system sprayer.

Convenience on the job

A concentrated coil cleaner system offers the technician convenience and ease of operation. Contractors also handle smaller amounts of coil cleaner during the coil cleaning process. A concentrated bottle, designed to mix correctly with the system’s hose, takes the prep work out of the job, making it much quicker and easier to apply coil cleaner with less room for error.

In addition, the concentrated bottle reduces the amount of weight that must be transported from truck to coil. This can make a big difference when carrying a product up a ladder to get to a rooftop unit.

Elimination of dilution error and spillage

A concentrated coil cleaner system is designed to dilute when connected to the system hose. It reduces the error of over diluting or not diluting the cleaner enough, problems that can occur with traditional pump up sprayers. 

Proportioning the product is no longer an issue, allowing the technician to apply the correct amount to finish the job. It is also designed to eliminate spillage that can occur while mixing traditional cleaners. This spill can become a problem if it occurs near a homeowner’s flower bed or a warehouse rooftop.

More space on the truck

The concentrated coil cleaner comes in a much smaller chemical footprint than traditional gallon cleaners. This allows the technician to use that extra space for other equipment. It also allows for an increase in the variety of coil cleaners in the dedicated truck space. The reduction in container size directly relates to smaller environmental impact, both in terms of shipping costs and waste.

E-commerce flexibility increases product accessibility

Reducing the chemical footprint by using a concentrated coil cleaner increases the availability and accessibility to have coil cleaner ready when the job calls for it. The smaller bottle no longer requires special freight shipments like traditional cleaners. Instead, a bottle of concentrate cleaner allows a wholesaler to ship it easily and quickly to the contractor where distance is an issue.

Case closed

To summarize, we’ve covered numerous benefits for opting to use a concentrated system as a , which include: eliminating pouring, accidental spills, and mixing errors. It also focuses on the technician’s ability to easily apply coil cleaner during the coil cleaning process by reducing the product weight. 

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