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Must-haves for an HVAC Dealer Website

Building a website is an important part of your HVAC dealer business. Making sure your customers can find you online, having a go-to place for contact information, and being able to build trust in your brand are necessary building blocks. Here are a few ideas to help you get started on creating an awesome website for your HVAC business!

A highly visible phone number

Your contact phone number should be easily accessible, located in the top, right-hand corner of the site and in the site’s hero shot. Include multiple ways to contact you on your site, including a contact form, chat on your site, or other options that work for your HVAC business.

An engaging banner

The “hero shot” of the website (the main image) shows them what their life could look like using your services, with a smiling family enjoying a crystal-clean home. And, have a clear call-to-action (like a “Book an Appointment” button) that’s located prominently on the site, and encourages further action than just checking out the website.

Strong social proof

Include recognition such as a “Best Business” award, certifications and a 5/5 customer rating mention located at the top of the site, all which inspire trust. If you have testimonials or Google reviews you can share, this would be a good place to do so!

Highlight your range of HVAC services & products

Be clear on the services you offer, payment options and financing programs. Your content needs to reflect HVAC experience to rank with the search engines and keep your visitor’s attention.

Demonstrate your HVAC expertise, pinpoint the systems, equipment and spare parts you offer and the distributors and dealers you work with, show your ability to solve heating and cooling problems and reflect the culture and dedication of your team. Text is good; videos, infographics, charts, and original photos are even better.

Include Calls To Action to attract customers

All across your site, have the option for your customers to schedule service, view specials, learn more about financing and include an online application. That way, customers will spend lots of time on your site, and they have the potential to get something in return.

Additional ideas to include on your HVAC dealership site

As a HVAC dealer, you need to promote the HVAC/AC parts, systems and equipment your offer and the reputable manufacturers and distributors you work with, but you also need to be detail-oriented enough to stand out and leave a positive first impression on prospective customers. Here are some ideas on how to do that:

  • Highlight coronavirus safety precautions in place, or other up-to-date information related to your HVAC dealership

  • Option to schedule a virtual sales call

  • Let your customers know right away that beyond your hours of operation you’re available for emergency HVAC services.

  • “Meet the Team” page lets customers know straight away who they’ll be letting into their home or business, something that’s extremely important in home heating and AC service, as well as in attracting first-time customers. 

  • Tell your story, explaining how you do business and ensuring new customers that your heating, ventilation and AC services come with quality and satisfaction guarantees

  • Add a blog with tips for homeowners to learn how they can use advanced HVAC technology to enjoy a higher level of indoor comfort with uncompromised indoor air quality

Some other site considerations to take into account when you build your site:

  • Mobile responsive design

  • Search engine optimization

  • Web browser compatibility

  • Integration with social media pages

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