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Commercial Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)


The Importance of IAQ in Commercial Buildings

Commercial properties have forever changed in 2020. With the emergence of COVID-19, the general public’s awareness of air quality in homes and business is at an all time high. As we have and continue to navigate back into public spaces, there will be an increased demand for the 9 Foundations of a Healthy Building; Noise, Lighting & Views, Ventilation, Air Quality, Thermal Health, Moisture, Dusts & Pests, Safety & Security, Water Quality. Companies are also allowing their employees to work from home, which will have an effect on demand for commercial space. It is believed that buildings that have a better “HEALTH SCORE” (based on the 9 Foundations of Healthy Building) will be able to obtain a premium on rent moving forward.
How will building owners, businesses, schools, dentists, or any public indoor space obtain a higher “Health Score” and ease anxiety for those who spend time in the building? The answer is by doing what they can to increase the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

First and foremost, it is recommended that all employers, building owners and operators follow the CDC guidelines for reopening workplaces.

Increasing IAQ in a building can come in many forms. Products such as Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rated filters, Ultraviolet Sterilizations Systems, and Electronic Air Cleaners (which will help mitigate the spread of bacteria or viruses). Remember, the HVAC system in a building is not the cause of pathogens in the air, but can contribute to the spread.
Gustave A. Larson has taken a deep dive into IAQ products that are known to help kill viruses and bacteria, and that can help increase the IAQ in commercial buildings.

We have researched commercial products, and you can view their introductions below:
Topic Featured Supplier
Ionization Air Purification NuCalgon
Ultraviolet Air Purification RGF, Sanuvox
Air Filtration Glasfloss
Ventilation Renewaire

Want to learn more about Indoor Air Quality in Commercial Spaces? We'd love to talk!