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How to Upsell in the HVAC Industry

A service technician enters a home to address a furnace failure. While he’s there, he notices the house is lacking a humidifier and whole-home ventilation system. He has two options: ignore this, or to upsell. But it’s not just about making a bigger sale. If he tries to sell extra products, he has to know how it works and how the homeowner can benefit from its installation.

Upselling can be done at any appointment, no matter the initial reason the appointment was scheduled. Whether it be for a quote for an entirely new system, a maintenance visit, or a visit to address a known issue, the technician’s job is to assess the home and find areas where the existing system may be lacking.

Why should I try upselling with my customers?

Consumer’s interests and needs vary based on location, age, health and other factors. But all homeowners have one goal, and that is to protect their investment. And, it’s up to you and your techs to give them any and all relevant information that can help them reach that goal. 

Most customers don’t think about their HVAC systems until they need to, and when they call, it’s imperative that all available options are offered up to them. Not only does this provide you with a potential to earn, but it also gives your customers a choice on how they can upgrade their HVAC system and increase the value of their property. 

How do I avoid upsetting customers while trying to upsell?

Upselling brings the potential for increased income, but it can sometimes make a customer bristle. Not everyone wants to be sold to. Many customers need to be able to trust a business before they decide to spend more money with them. Presenting options to customers as recommendations can help make the suggestion as genuine as possible. 

For instance, instead of saying “You need a humidifier”, say “I think you and your home could benefit from implementing a humidifier, and let me tell you why.” Using tools or photos can also help back up suggested additions. 

However, if you get the feeling the customer is just looking to pay as little as possible, or the repairs you completed were unexpected and costly, simply taking care of the customer in a professional manner should bolster their confidence in you and the company you work for.

How do I know which upgrades to propose to my customers?

By observing the home environment and talking to the homeowner, you’ll be able to make suggestions based on the symptoms you find. Let the customer control the conversation, and the trust will follow. 

The general homeowner probably doesn’t have a good working knowledge of their HVAC systems, and this can present an opportunity to oversell. Ignore this temptation – it’s not a good business practice, and if the customer becomes aware that you’ve taken advantage of their lack of knowledge, you will have completely lost all trust.

hvac-upselling.jpgWhat should I do if the customer doesn't want the upsell?

Knowing that upselling will not apply to each appointment, there are a few strategies to help with following through. Many consumers don’t want to make another monetary decision right after they’ve spent money on something else. 

You’ll know right away if they are not interested. If the customer declines the upsell, the tech can finish any paperwork and ask if a company representative can contact the customer at a later date. If they agree, a note is made to follow up.

The tech who completed the repair will include detailed notes about the upsell discussion so the sales staff knows what was discussed. The office staff then needs to contact the customer within a reasonable time period.

Which wholesale HVAC distributor can give me advice on upselling?

Upselling is not only a way to improve your bottom line, but it’s a way to help provide exceptional service for customers and improve the air quality in their home. Being the expert and helping them make these tough decisions will lead to trust and future sales, as well as referrals. 

Visit our Parts and Accessories page to learn more about what the Larson Company offers and you can in turn provide to your homeowners. Also, we provide various HVAC training opportunities for you and your staff that can help with mastering different upselling techniques. Reach out to us today!