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Gustave A. Larson is proud to be a unique Wisconsin business offering a wide selection of products from premier refrigeration manufacturers. Our highly-trained personnel at each of our locations can assist our customers in choosing the products they need from our selection of the best products in the industry. We can also provide information on product applications and special promotions. The Larson Company even hosts special training opportunities for our dealers, on topics such as DOE Regulations, new products, industry updates and more!

At the Larson Company, we put the focus on “Winning Together”, so every stakeholder has the opportunity to succeed. We articulate our value to the industry with leading, innovative refrigeration products, customizable to meet each customer’s priorities. At Larson, we want to Make it Easy for our customers to do business, and one of the ways we do that is by offering specialized services.

Some of our services dedicated to the Refrigeration segment are:

Troubleshooting refrigeration systems

Having trouble figuring out what’s wrong with a system you’re working on? Call one of our service advisors, and they’ll help diagnose the issue!

Recommended Boxload calculations

 Correctly fit a unit based on load calculations.

Training on technologies new to the industry

Be the first to learn about new systems or technologies to the refrigeration industry.

Updating and informing on changes in governmental regulations

When new government regulations take effect, you need to know. We’ll help explain how new regulations will affect your customers and your business.

Refrigerant recommendations for particular applications

There are lots of types of refrigerant – We can help you use the correct product in the right application.

Guide Retrofit Processes for new refrigerants

We guide you through the steps of retrofitting for new refrigerants, especially as more EPA regulations and new refrigerants are introduced to the industry.

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