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Larson Building Systems Laboratory

The Larson Building Systems Laboratory is a unique facility in the HVAC industry that permits the study of entire HVAC systems in a controlled dynamic environment, providing repeatable test conditions that have been previously unavailable.

It is used for education and research and is designed for dynamic testing of complete and full-scale commercial HVAC and building systems. The facility consists of a full-size commercial HVAC system, four representative commercial building zones, a system for producing repeatable and controllable loads, and sophisticated data acquisition and control systems.

The Larson Building Systems Laboratory is situated in the University of Colorado - Boulder Engineering Center, 1111 Engineering Drive, room ECCE 215.

Read more about the lab on the University of Colorado Boulder College of Engineering website.

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  • Maximum flexibility to encourage a variety of research and testing procedures
  • Testing for air handling units, displacement ventilation units, chilled beams, and VRF units
  • An ideal environment to test a wide range of operational and control strategies for HVAC systems and systems
  • Two full-size test chambers
  • The ability to evaulate and test control algorithms and hardware for HVAC components and systems
  • So much more!


The Gustave A Larson Company assists each year with scholarships for students to study in the lab at CU - Boulder.

"I would like to thank the Larson Family for funding revolutionary research. Research and development continue to push the industry forward and help change the future for the better. Without the support of donors, we would not be able to invent, hone, and apply our scientific findings and to make the world a better place. I hope that with my research I am able to make a difference."
- Emily S., Scholarship Recipient

"I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity. On the Korean side of my family, I am a first generation college stduent as well as the first generation born in America. I worked incredibly hard in high school to academically achieve and get into college, however it is scholoarships like this that allow me to attend. Thank you so much for believing in me and for your generosity!"
- Courtney C., Scholarship Recipient




Throughout his life, Karl G. Larson was engaged with numerous charities, schools, and industry boards, including the University of Colorado. Karl and Madeline Larson endowed the Larson HVAC Lab at the College of Engineering & Applied Science, which is used for students to conduct research in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The Karl Larson HVAC Research Fund has been established to continue to support this lab. Some of the company’s long-standing core values are learning and giving back to the community, which started with Gus Larson and continued to be advocated by Karl. We continue to live and breathe these values every day. 

In memory of Karl Larson, and each year since 2012, The Larson Company hosts one or more charity golf outings to help support the scholarship fund and the Larson Lab. Outings have been held in Colorado, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Utah.

To date, $656,388.97 has been raised to support the lab.

Check out past press releases for these golf outings here.