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5 Smart HVAC Technologies to Look Out For

Modern times demand the implementation of modern technological solutions in various fields, and heating and air conditioning is no exception. Homes and businesses are becoming smart, and HVAC systems are an integral part of a modern residential or commercial property. More and more end-customers are looking for the latest smart features to implement into their daily lives, and you have to know what the leading smart HVAC technologies are to remain in step. 

Why should I offer smart HVAC options to my customers?

Primarily, consider implementing smart heating and cooling solutions into your operations in order to attract customers who are looking for advanced technology in their home or residential space. Customers are looking for intelligent HVAC because of several important factors, including: 

  • Better efficiency and lower energy bills

  • Improved temperature control and variability

  • Enhanced indoor air quality

  • Remote access and interconnectivity

What are some popular emerging HVAC technologies?

There are different types of smart heating and air conditioning solutions currently available. However, not all of them are equally popular with the customers. Knowing which smart HVAC options clients want will help you improve your offering and satisfy their exact needs. The following are some of the leading smart trends in heating and cooling:

Connected systems

One of the priorities of implementing smart technologies into heating and cooling is their interconnection. This means that your smart HVAC system will be able to communicate with other systems around your customer’s home or workspace. The systems that connect to HVAC are thermostats and humidifiers.


Smart thermostats connected to a heating and air conditioning system are able to automatically change temperatures based on client data they collect from motion sensors and cloud databases. They also use client preferences when automating certain activities. For example, the thermostat can connect to a weather service, allowing it to fine-tune the temperature based on the weather. 


Another example of a product that could benefit from being connected to the HVAC system is a humidifier. It could use available information to automatically control the humidity in a home or workplace. The same would be possible with dehumidifiers and purifiers as well. 

Environmental sensors

Environmental sensors are an extremely important new technology for HVAC systems. They collect data regarding system operations, allowing preventative warnings about potential or existing malfunctions within the system. 

They are also able to notify you or your client that it’s time for maintenance or service. Finally, these sensors would monitor the unit’s efficiency as well as detect potential faults that could be lowering it. 

Remote communication & wearable technology

These two systems have the idea of learning your clients’ lifestyle and comfort preferences and using them to adjust the various systems within their environments. Also, they would enable completely remote communication with the HVAC equipment, in case it requires manual adjustments or input. What-are-some-popular-emerging-HVAC-technologies.jpg

Smart blinds

This is not necessarily a smart HVAC technology, but rather an addition that contributes to the comfort and efficiency of your customers’ properties. Smart blinds allow for remote control, and your clients can also use digital assistants to adjust them, ensuring less heat dissipation in the winter and more protection during summer. 

UV bulbs for HVAC

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has placed an emphasis on making HVAC systems more hygienic, and there is research being done regarding implementing LED UV bulbs into modern heating and air conditioning systems. They would effectively eliminate viruses within the ventilation system and ensure the air is clean for your clients’ home or place of business.

You can turn to the Larson Company for cutting-edge HVAC trends 

Smart technologies are not only the future of heating and cooling – they’re the present. Together with current and emerging sustainable HVAC breakthroughs, they are quickly becoming an integral part of successful contracting companies. Similarly to how partnering with a distributor who offers a cutting-edge B2B ordering system transforms your operations, offering the latest and the greatest will make your company stand out to your clients.

Gustave A. Larson Company is a reputable wholesale distributor of advanced heating and air conditioning systems. We pay close attention to all the modern trends and developments, ensuring we always offer the latest technology to our clients. That is why we have also curated a selection of smart solutions from a number of vendors that will enhance your operations. What’s more, we also have several training programs for current and future HVAC techs. Call us today!