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Using B2B Ordering Systems: Benefits & Features

The first time an HVAC business owner partners with a distributor that utilizes a B2B ordering system, it’s a revolution in and of itself. There’s so much using a platform like that brings to a growing heating and air conditioning business – from improved order speed and efficiency to enhanced order selection and management. 

However, not all contractors are familiar with the capabilities and the advantages of B2B ordering platforms and the reasons why it’s a good idea to choose a wholesale distributor that offers B2B ordering capabilities. That is why it’s important to take a closer look at what B2B actually is, what the biggest benefits for end users are, and what features you need from such a platform. 

What is a B2B ordering management system?

B2B order management systems are the solution for tracking orders that individuals or companies place with a distributor. Also, they are used for managing all the necessary fulfillment processes. The typical steps in the functioning of a business-to-business ordering system are: 

  • You place an order

  • Order confirmations goes out

  • The products get reserved automatically and the orders are allocated

  • Your orders go to a warehouse to be shipped and packed

  • If the items are not in stock, a back order is in place

  • Your order arrives

What are the benefits of using B2B ordering for my HVAC business?

A modern, well-designed and engineered B2B ordering website carries numerous benefits that will enable your company to improve its daily operations. Some of the most important advantages of partnering with a wholesale distributor with a B2B ordering system are: 

Productivity and efficiency

B2B platforms allow your business to place vital orders any time of day, any day of the year without having to get in touch with a sales representative. Also, most of these websites will automatically place any out-of-stock orders as back orders that will get shipped the moment they become available. This reduces time spent ordering and eliminates the need to manually plan and manage orders that might not be immediately available. 

Real-time product information and pricing

One of the biggest advantages of B2B websites is that you are immediately able to see the pricing, the availability, and the essential information about the products you want to purchase. Not having to contact a sales rep or browse different web pages for information is extremely convenient and time-saving. 


Speaking of convenience – B2B platforms are the most convenient form of order placement and processing currently available. Having all the information about the product in one place and being just a couple of clicks away from a completed order is the most comfortable solution for both individual and large-volume professional purchases. 


Finally, you can access most B2B ordering platforms from multiple electronic devices, such as tablets, smartphones, PCs, and notebooks. This offers unparalleled flexibility when placing your order and eliminates all the potential constraints – even the one where you have to be sitting behind a computer to place your order. What-are-the-benefits-of-using-B2B-ordering-for-my-HVAC-business.jpg

What features should I look for in a B2B website?

Not all B2B platforms are created equal, and some lack the advanced features and functionalities to create a great customer experience. That’s why assessing the features of your distributor’s B2B platform are essential in selecting whom to partner with. Choose a distributor with a B2B website that offers the following features: 

  • Fast and intuitive interface

  • Comprehensive search capability by vendor, keyword, or category 

  • Extensive content and product information

  • Ability to refine your search based on the products you purchased previously

  • Real-time availability in your local area and current item pricing

  • Item recommendations based on your purchase preferences

  • Advanced user management 

  • List-sharing capacity

  • Capability for inspecting your account statements, open orders, and purchase history

  • Quick orders through Top 100 lists and custom template creation

The Larson Company has designed a cutting-edge B2B ordering website to enhance your operations

Using a highly efficient and intuitive online B2B ordering platform is essential for streamlining your order management whether you’re creating a brand-new heating and air conditioning company or you’re looking to advance and enhance your existing company. It’s even more important than keeping in step with the latest advancements in HVAC technologies and learning more about the important sustainable HVAC technologies for the future

That is why the Larson Company have created the most modern and easy-to-use B2B website that offers all the necessary capability designed to enhance your ordering management. Couple that with our advanced employee training opportunities and our curated list of great HVAC software tools and you’re guaranteed to make your day-to-day operations a lot more efficient. Visit Larson’s B2B website at Need an account? Click here!