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Advanced Rheem
Air Conditioners

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Since the 1930’s, the Gustave A. Larson Company continues to be family owned and operated, and has grown to be the Midwest, Plains and Mountain States leading wholesale distributor of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) equipment, parts and supplies. Our business philosophy is to focus on serving the needs of our customers with a value-added, professional and enthusiastic attitude.

We are a certified wholesale distributor of Rheem, a company that specializes in high-quality HVAC air conditioning units for both residential and commercial use. Rheem produces dependable heating, cooling, and water heating solutions. We are proud to be able to bring their products closer to you.

Discover Rheem residential HVAC products

Rheem heating and cooling units are energy efficient, dependable, and really quiet. Rheem HVAC systems will make your clients’ homes more comfortable, maintaining adequate temperature levels in the summer and winter. Rheem can become your year-round partner and provide ideal HVAC systems for any home. Rheem residential units offer:
  • Efficiency:
    Excellent heating and cooling throughout the year with maximum energy efficiency.

  • Sustainability:
    Our heating and cooling systems provide comfort while decreasing environmental impact.

  • Durability:
    Rheem builds HVAC units to not only perform well, but also last long.

Benefits of being a G. A. Larson dealer

We set ourselves apart from the competition by:

Setting a New Standard

We strive to go above and beyond the traditional role of an HVACR distributor to provide our customers with innovative Larson Business Solutions to help them grow and prosper. Offering personalized services, expertise, training, and products allows us to deliver what our customers need.

Making it Easy

One of our main focuses is making things easier for our customers. Whether it’s at the counter, online, in the training room, or on delivery trucks, we help you streamline your business, and provide the cutting-edge resources needed to stay competitive.

For us, it’s personal

We’re not just in this to sell. We’re in this for the relationships. For more than 80 years, our family values have driven us to put our customers first in everything we do, across our entire organization, at every location.


Interested in learning more about out Rheem products or becoming one of our dealers for this brand?
You can do so in the following locations:

  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Ohio

Choose advanced Rheem air conditioners

Rheem heating and cooling systems are the culmination of many years of meticulous research, design, innovation, development, and engineering. The Rheem HVAC solutions, including air conditioners, provide carefully envisioned features that allow for easy installation, quick service, and simple replacement.

Rheem air conditioners contain only high-quality parts, and their robust design ensures maximum durability and efficiency. With Rheem HVAC systems you can save up to 30% more than with other baseline solutions. Additionally, this type of equipment incorporates features that allow quick troubleshooting and easy serviceability.

Turn to certified distributors of Rheem HVAC systems

Gustave A. Larson is the right place for you to buy a variety of residential HVAC systems, including top-end Rheem residential or commercial air conditioners. We are dependable dealers of a wide range of Rheem heating and cooling products, and you can become a Rheem HVAC dealer by partnering with us. 

We also offer other high-quality air conditioning solutions, ranging from top-end Weatherking HVAC products to premium Sure Comfort air conditioning units. Gustave A. Larson is a wholesale company that can help you grow your business by supplying this advanced equipment that brings lasting durability and quality.

Interested in Being a Rheem Dealer?

Become a Rheem Dealer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who makes Rheem HVAC systems?

    Rheem is a privately-owned business founded in 1925 by two brothers – Donald and Richard Rheem. The company originated in Emeryville, CA, and it has produced many different products throughout its almost a hundred-year long history. Currently, Rheem is the single biggest manufacturer of water heaters in North America.

    Additionally, Rheem is the only company in the world that produces all of the following products: heating and cooling units, water, spa, and pool heating, as well as refrigeration solutions for commercial use.

    The Gustave A. Larson has partnered with Rheem because we share many of the same ideals. We have also been in business since the 1900s, and we also value our history of tradition and quality service. We have spread our wholesale network throughout the United States in order to bring Rheem HVAC solutions closer to you.

  • Where are Rheem AC & furnace units made?

    Rheem is an American company with headquarters in Atlanta. It boasts several large manufacturing facilities, the two biggest ones in Fort Smith, Montgomery, Alabama, and Oxnard, California. Rheem also has a large web of certified distributors throughout the United States.

    Rheem maintains a very high standard of quality for all its products no matter which manufacturing plant they are produced in. This is the only way for such a company to maintain its fine reputation as a juggernaut of the industry.

    Gustave A. Larson has been a trusted partner of Rheem for years, and we employ our knowledge and expertise to make Rheem products available all across the United States.

  • Why should you go with Rheem air conditioners & furnaces?

    Rheem is a worldwide brand that holds the leading position in the industry it serves. In order to maintain this position, the products Rheem manufactures have to constantly be innovative, unique, and relevant to the current trends of the market. Rheem HVAC units are always in step with the times, never lacking in quality and dependability.

    What’s more, Rheem is a company that places great importance on sustainability. It is a company that cares about keeping our planet safe, and every product tends to reflect that ideal. Rheem air conditioners and furnaces are extremely energy efficient. It is no surprise that Rheem’s commitment for 2025 is to design units with zero waste.

  • What is the warranty on Rheem HVAC systems?

    Rheem builds products to last. However, there are many outside factors that can affect the life cycle of their HVAC and other products, which is why Rheem offers various types of comprehensive warranties.

    Licensed Rheem wholesale distributors may even offer other warranty alternatives. At Gustave A. Larson we believe in every product we sell. Besides being able to process the manufacturer’s warranty, we also offer extended warranties on every compressor, as well as third-party extended warranties through Trinity on all residential and commercial units.

  • How long does a Rheem air conditioner or furnace last?

    Rheem air conditioners and furnaces can last for a very, very long time. Rheem tries to make its products as durable as possible so the customers can get the most out of every single unit sold.

    However, the longevity of Rheem air conditioners and furnaces also depends on adequate maintenance. Advising your clients on how to properly care for their HVAC units will enable you to provide them with a personalized service and help their systems last a long time. Contact Gustave A. Larson, a trusted Rheem distributor, and inquire about regular maintenance cycles.

  • How can I become one of the trusted Rheem HVAC dealers?

    If you’d like to become a Rheem HVAC dealer, you need to contact Gustave A. Larson, a reputable wholesale distributor of residential Rheem HVAC systems. Partnering with us will help you expand your business while minimizing the risks. Contact us today & start your journey to success!