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Specialized Sporlan
HVAC/R Parts & Accessories for Sale

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Sporlan has manufactured cutting-edge products for over 80 years, setting the industry standard for the design, development, and manufacture of advanced HVAC/R components. Their offering includes a wide range of products and parts, including ZoomLock fittings, Catch-All filter driers, expansion valves, solenoid valves, refrigerant sight-glasses, and more. As a long-standing Sporlan distributor, Gustave A. Larson can provide you with the best of what they have to offer, whether you are looking for HVAC or Refrigeration parts for your customers.

Sporlan: manufacturing excellence & innovation

Sporlan is a reputable manufacturer of top-quality HVAC/R and refrigeration products and parts known for its commitment to expert craftsmanship, innovation, and customer support. The division was born in 2004, when Parker Hannifin Corporation acquired the Sporlan Valve Company and extended the reach of their products. Today, the Sporlan keeps growing while remaining dedicated to building well-designed and crafted products, educating HVACR contractors, and offering reliable service to its customers, all the while maintaining the focus on quality and innovation. If you are looking for Sporlan HVAC/R products and parts distributors in your area, look no further than G.A. Larson.

Sporlan is known for:

  • Quality Materials:
    all Sporlan HVAC/R products and parts are made from carefully chosen and tested materials that ensure extreme reliability and durability, whether it’s ZoomLock and ZoomLock Max fittings or their Catch-All filter driers.

  • Commitment to innovation:
    from its founding to the present day, Sporlan has been known for their dedication to designing and manufacturing leading edge HVAC/R products and parts and setting industry standards in the process.

  • Great Customer Service:
    in addition to engineering excellence, Sporlan also puts in great effort to provide their HVAC/R customers with dependable service and support.

How you can benefit from becoming a GA Larson partner

Partnering with Larson to provide Sporlan products is a great choice. Here’s why:

Making it Easy

In order to ensure maximum convenience and satisfaction of our customers, we have designed our services with efficiency and simplicity in mind.

Setting a New Standard

Gustave A. Larson is known for its continual commitment to offering quality services and helping HVAC/R contractors boost the success of their business.

For us, it’s personal

With GA Larson, you will get to enjoy a fully personalized experience that encourages maintaining long-lasting distributor-contractor relationships.


Searching for Sporlan HVAC/R parts distributors near you?
GA Larson serves the following locations:

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Explore the rich Sporlan offering

As part of the Parker Hannifin instrumentation group, Sporlan specializes in manufacturing some of the most innovative HVAC/R products and parts on the market, including advanced electronic valve and controller packages and molded core filter driers. Their controller kits are designed to control the fans, defrost heater, evaporator, and liquid line solenoid valves in various cold room applications. On top of that, the division manufacturers unique thermostatic expansion valves designed for improved distribution of refrigerant. All of the Sporlan products bring great value for HVAC/R companies thanks to their high quality and unique functionality.

Introducing the breakthrough ZoomLock technology

The ZoomLock Push and ZoomLock MAX refrigerant fittings are one of the biggest successes of Sporlan. The ZoomLock crimping technology offers a safe alternative to traditional methods of connecting copper HVAC piping by eliminating flames, brazing, fire spotters, and other risks that installing traditional HVAC/R fittings may entail. ZoomLock enables contractors to connect refrigerant lines in about 10 seconds, maximizing efficiency and safety of the installation. Thanks to this improved productivity, ZoomLock products bring increased profit per job and help your business thrive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What products does Sporlan make?

    Sporlan is known for developing and manufacturing a wide range of HVAC/R parts that bring efficiency and value to contractors. Their offer includes but is not limited to:

    • Refrigerant line fittings: Sporlan braze and flame-free ZoomLock couplings/fittings are designed for use in fluid-transfer applications and offer easy and efficient maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
    • Filter driers: the division offers a variety of high-quality filter driers for heat pump, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. Their filter driers bring efficiency during applications that require acid removal, contaminant filtration, and moisture removal.
    • Refrigerant valves: Sporlan has a line of refrigeration valves designed for both commercial and residential air conditioning applications. These valves are manufactured to the highest industry standards and are known for their reliability, performance, and durability.
    • Sight-glasses: The refrigerant sight glasses offered by Sporlan combine the two functions of liquid and moisture indication into one economical product.
    • Electronic refrigerant controllers: Sporlan Kelvin II controllers offer precise electronic control of stepper motor refrigeration valves.

    If you are interested in exploring the Sporlan offering and incorporating their high-quality products and parts in your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your GA Larson team. As a recognized distributor of a wide range of Sporlan HVAC/R products, we would be happy to introduce you to the best of what the division has to offer and help your business thrive.

  • What makes ZoomLock special?

    The ZoomLock refrigerant fittings manufactured by Sporlan are a great choice for HVAC/R contractors looking for a way to increase the productivity and profitability of their installations. Here’s how ZoomLock can help you:

    • Flame-free installation
    • No nitrogen purge
    • No cooling down period
    • Lower installation costs
    • Faster installation
    • Higher productivity
    • Increased flexibility
    • Truly leak-free joint

    As one of the leading Sporlan parts distributors, GA Larson greatly values the promise of increased efficiency and safety that ZoomLock fittings offer to HVAC/R contractors. By partnering with Larson to offer Sporlan, you will get to see for yourself what sets these innovative fittings apart.

  • What are the benefits of Sporlan Catch-All filter driers?

    The Sporlan Catch-All series includes sealed model and replaceable core filter driers that offer exceptional contamination control for refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Here are some of the proven benefits of Catch-All filter driers:

    • Desiccant blend: The Catch-All series features a carefully developed blend of desiccants that ensures exceptional contaminant removal characteristics to each filter drier core.
    • Special activated charcoal blend: one of the cores used in Catch-All systems, the HH core, incorporates a special blend of activated charcoal that removes resins, wax, and materials created by lubricant breakdown. The HH core is particularly useful for low-temperature systems.
    • Uniform molding: The molded porous drier core pioneered by Sporlan ensures uniform porosity across the entire surface and length of the core. In order to ensure maximum filtration ability, the desiccant granules are carefully controlled and sized to achieve adequate porosity.
    • Highly resistant assembly: thanks to the heavy leafed spring placed at the inlet, the core is tightly held in position, reducing the possibility of breakage and ensuring a shockproof assembly.
    • No bypassing: The Catch-All filter driers have a core that is sealed to the shell wall via a fibrous pad or gasket, which eliminates the possibility of refrigerant bypassing around the core.
    • Carefully tested fittings: The solder and flare fittings used on Catch-All drier filters are thoroughly inspected for scratches, imperfections, and other defects during the manufacturing process.
    • Outlet safety filters: Each Catch-All outlet has a final safety filter that involves either a 100 mesh screen for particle collection or a specialized polyester pad. This provides extra protection in case the molded core gets broken.
    • Entirely leak-proof joint: Thanks to their tig welded shell, Catch-All filter driers offer one of the strongest and smoothest joining methods on the market. Each filter drier is factory tested to ensure an entirely leakproof shell.
  • What are the features of Sporlan thermostatic expansion valves?

    The Sporlan selection of thermostatic expansion valves is designed to ensure optimal performance for all heating and cooling applications. These valves are characterized by:

    • Selective thermostatic charges that ensure flexible and reliable performance in various applications
    • Long-lasting field-proven welded thermostatic element design and construction
    • Large flat stainless steel diaphragm design that offers highly precise valve control
    • Replaceable elements present on all standard thermostatic valves
    • Easily accessible internal parts thanks to the the durable body joint construction
    • Tighter seating and precise port and pin alignment in conventional valves
    • Excellent and flexible control thanks to the balanced port design
    • Construction that offers maximum erosion and corrosion protection
    • Strong and leak-proof silver soldered joint connections
    • Adjustable superheat valve design for all standard options
  • How do I find the best Sporlan distributors near me?

    Gustave A. Larson is a reputable distributor of HVAC/R parts and accessories serving the Mountain States, the Plains, and the Midwest. In addition to supplying quality Sporlan products, we are also your go-to choice if you are looking for other reliable HVAC/R equipment, parts, and accessories.

    Ready to partner with GA Larson? Get in touch with us today!