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INFICON is a well known provider of innovative tools and instruments designed for gas analysis, control, and measurement. Their critical sensor technologies and process control software are crucial for gas leak detection in air conditioning and refrigeration industries. INFICON leak detector and service tools offer efficient and reliable solutions for HVAC contractors, with a focus on emergency response and environmental protection. As a leading distributor, the Gustave A. Larson Company can provide you with the best of what the company has to offer and enable you to incorporate advanced leak detection technology into your workflow.

INFICON brings you innovative gas detection & service tools

With headquarters in Switzerland and manufacturing facilities in the U.S. Europe, and China, INFICON is a leading provider of high-quality measurement, analysis, and control products. HVAC contractors can benefit greatly from their gas detection tools, whether they are looking for an advanced carbon monoxide or refrigerant leak detector for their business. These service tools are widely used in air conditioning, refrigeration, and automotive industries owing to their high performance and careful design. At the Larson Company, we can provide you with a wide range of products, including D-TEK Select refrigerant detectors and replacement parts.

The company bases their approach on:  

  • Research-based instrumentation: All products are designed and manufactured based extensive research in leak detection, chemical analysis, and process control. 
  • Compliance and integrity: The company is dedicated to conducting its business activity in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards.
  • Dedication to environmental health and safety: This brand has adopted procedures and policies aimed at ensuring compliance with all applicable health and safety laws and environmental protection standards in the industry.

Partner with the Larson Company and enjoy a range of perks

If you’re looking for reliable INFICON distributors, the Gustave A. Larson Company provides an array of service tools and parts, as well as the following benefits:

Making it Easy

Our services are designed with convenience, reliability, and efficiency in mind. Our team will take the necessary steps to ensure your satisfaction each time.

Setting a New Standard

The Larson Company strives to provide HVACR contractors with top-brand products, accessories, and parts that meet the highest industry standards.

For us, it’s personal

We are committed to meeting the needs of our clients and building lasting partnerships. Let us help you achieve success with dedication and high-quality products.


We provide advanced INFICON service tools and parts in the following areas across the U.S:

  • Entire Footprint

Advanced HVAC service tools for your business

Air conditioning, refrigeration, and automotive industries can enjoy the high quality and increased process safety offered by the INFICON leak detection instruments. By purchasing an advanced leak detector, you can reduce the time and money needed for troubleshooting and maintenance, as well as decrease the operating costs. These service tools are highly sensitive, detecting even the smallest traces of refrigerants and carbon monoxide. By having such a device in your tool set, you’ll maximize efficiency and minimize your customers’ safety concerns.

Browse INFICON leak detector models

  • D-TEK® 3 Refrigerant Leak Detector: detects CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, and HFOs and blends, newly redesigned infrared sensor, optional sensor for CO2 detection. 
  • D-TEK Stratus® Refrigerant Leak Detector. Fast detection, innovative cloud hunting mode, ppm display, and easy field replacement. 
  • CO Check ® Carbon Monoxide Meter: displays CO level from 1–999 ppm, hazard alarm, padded holster.

Partner with us and discover the innovation of INFICON tools

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of INFICON service tools?

    INFICON is known for designing and manufacturing a wide range of leak detection service tools that bring the following perks to HVACR contractors

    • Highest standards of quality 
    • Achieve quality management goals
    • Ensure streamlined production processes 
    • Decreased operating costs 
    • Consistent parts and service support 
    • Designed with the technician in mind
  • What leak detectors does INFICON offer?

    At the Gustave A. Larson Company, we can provide you with the following leak detector models from this reputable brand: 

    D-TEK® 3 refrigerant leak detector

    Designed to detect all CFCs, HFCs, HFOs, and HCFCs, as well as blends (including A2Ls). It features a newly redesigned infrared sensor with a long lifespan, quick charge battery (lithium ion), as well as an optional CO2 sensor. This leak detector also allows for easy field replacement. 

    D-TEK Stratus® refrigerant leak detector and portable monitor 

    Detects all CFCs, HFOs, HCFCs, and HFCs and blends, including A2Ls. It enables you to locate leaks quickly and efficiently, using the innovative Cloud Hunting mode and a ppm display. It also features an advanced infrared sensor, quick charge lithium ion battery, and an optional sensor for CO2 detection. 

    CO Check ® carbon monoxide meter

    This meter is designed to display carbon monoxide (CO) levels ranging from 1 to 999 ppm. Some of its unique features include bright colored indicators, an audible alarm designed for fast hazard recognition, and a padded holster with a belt clip.

  • Do INFICON tools meet environmental protection standards?

    This company is committed to environmental protection and implements industry-leading practices within their business activities. The company pursues the reduction and prevention of hazardous environmental influences, as well as responsible use of environmental resources. The production processes for all INFICON service tools meet environmental health and safety regulations aim to achieve effective resource management.

  • Do you offer INFICON D-TEK Select replacement parts?

    As a leader among INFICON distributors, the Larson Company provides you with an array of products and parts designed to optimize your workflow and help you achieve success. Make sure to contact a Larson representative to learn more about our services.

  • Who offers high-quality INFICON service tools for sale?

    The Gustave A. Larson company provides high-performance parts and accessories from top HVACR brands to customers across the Mountain States, Plains, and Midwest. Our product offering includes innovative INFICON tools and products from a great number of other industry-leading manufacturers. We are dedicated to bringing convenience, satisfaction, and quality to each of our customers in the HVAC and refrigeration industries. Get in touch now to find out more about our client-focused services.