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The Gustave A. Larson Company was established in 1936 as a family-owned and operated company. We wanted to become a reputable name in the HVACR industry, and today we are the leaders in wholesale distribution of HVACR systems, equipment, parts and accessories in the Mountain States, the Plains, and the Midwest. Partner with G. A. Larson and offer your clients modern HTP UFT and combi boilers, water heaters, and other parts for maximum comfort and optimal heating performance. Help your customers save on energy bills with HTP heating solutions!

High-efficiency HTP boilers

HTP manufactures residential and commercial space-heating boilers that provide ultimate comfort and maximum overall efficiency ratings while reducing operating and maintenance costs to the minimum. HTP UFT and combi high-efficiency boilers for sale allow your customers to achieve desired home heat levels while saving energy, reducing footprint, and lowering their monthly bills. Combined with HTP water heaters, this creates an excellent home solution for your customers, allowing them to heat their household with minimum environmental impact and lowered energy consumption.

When outfitting your customers’ homes with HTP UFT or combi boilers, you should take the following factors into account when helping them make the right heating decision:

  • Local climate
  • Home insulation
  • Number of windows
  • Number of occupants
  • Size and shape of the home
  • Home orientation
  • Personal heating preferences

Once the necessary information is gathered, you can proceed to outfit your customer’s home with an HTP boiler of the suitable BTU rating for their household.

The Larson Company includes a 2-Year Labor ESA (extended service agreement) with every ELU and EFTU boiler purchased for a residential application.

Benefits of becoming a Gustave A. Larson partner

These are the business characteristics that separate us from the competition.

Making it Easy

We want all our certified partners to receive the same level of easy, fast, and seamless service both at our counters, in our training rooms, and on our website. This is the only way to ensure we maximize the quality and the efficiency of all the business interactions with our partners on every occasion.

Setting a New Standard

At the Larson Company, we want to meet the specific requirements of our partners only by providing a personalized and unique business experience to every individual we work with. Through our Larson Business Solutions, we will help you make your operations more efficient and streamlined.

For us, it’s personal

There is more to partnering with the Larson Company than just making profit and growing your business. We have been a family owned and operated company since day one, and we always translate those core values into every business relationship we form. We make bonds that last!


Want to bring your customers HTP water heaters, UFT and combi boilers, and other parts and products? Contact us at the following locations:

  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Utah
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

Discover modern HTP UFT boilers

The HTP UFT boiler is a high-efficiency medium mass boiler. It is an advanced type of modulating gas condensing boiler with a fire tube heat exchanger made from 316L stainless steel. It has a 96% AFUE rating and a very low level of NOx emissions, which makes it an eco-friendly heating option. It comes in two main variants – wall-mounted and floor-standing. The available models are: 

  • UFT-80
  • UFT100
  • UFT-120
  • UFT-140
  • UFT-175
  • UFT-180

Explore the HTP EFT Combi Boiler

The HTP EFT Combi Wall boiler is a cutting-edge modulating condensing gas boiler with an AFUE rating of 95.1%. This means it provides ample hot water and space heating comfort while being energy efficient and allowing your customers to cut down on their electric bills. ENERGY STARⓇ recognizes this HTP combi boiler as one of the most efficient options available on the market, which means it helps reduces your customer’s carbon footprint and lowers energy consumption for their household. The two variants of the HTP combi boiler are:

  • EFTC-140W
  • EFTC-199W

Want to be part of the G. A. Larson family?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are HTP boilers made?

    Heat Transfer Products, or HTP for short, is a company established in 1974 in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The company continues to manufacture its technologically advanced UFT and combi boilers, as well as water heaters at this location.

    If you’d like to bring advanced HTP boilers to your customers, partner with the Larson Company, the leading HTP distributor of boilers, water heaters, and other products and parts.

  • What is an HTP high-efficiency boiler?

    HTP high-efficiency UFT and combi boilers are designed in such a way that they trap all the heat that would otherwise escape the system and redirect it back into the boiler for heating. The name for this process is condensing, which is why virtually all high-efficiency boilers can be referred to as condensing boilers.

  • Are HTP water heaters worth the investment?

    HTP produces high-quality water heaters that come in solar, electric, oil, and gas powered variants. Additionally, the company makes the SuperStor indirect water heater manufactured from 316L steel that is able to reduce heat loss by using safe water blown insulation.

    HTP water heaters are durable and dependable products that are certainly worth the investment. Your customers will certainly find the water heater that suits their needs. Contact G. A. Larson today, become our partner, and provide efficient HTP water heaters and boilers to your customers.

  • How does an HTP high-efficiency boiler work?

    The majority of high-efficiency boilers use propane fuel or natural gas to produce heat. Condensing allows HTP UFT and combi boilers to extract heat from the process of combustion in an efficient way, making the glue gases that do leave the boiler cooler, which signals greater energy efficiency.

    The components of a high-efficiency boiler that make this possible are:

    • Heat exchanger: Made from aluminium or stainless steel, the heat exchanger transfers heat from the process of combustion into the water.
    • Premix gas blower: In charge of delivering premixed fuel and air into the burner for the combustion process.
    • Venturi mixer: Combustion air travels through this channel to induce negative pressure on the gas, mixing it with air. 
    • Gas valve: It controls the flow of all gaseous fuels that are present in the system. 
    • Condensate collection system: This system collects all the condensate that forms in the heat exchanger and eliminates it from the system.
  • Who is a reliable distributor of HTP UFT and combi boilers?

    If you’d like to start offering your clients a wider array of advanced HVAC and geothermal systems, including modern HTP boilers, heaters, and other parts and accessories, consider partnering with the Gustave A. Larson Company. 

    We will help you bring the most contemporary and technologically advanced heating and cooling solutions to your customers and assist you in growing and streamlining your HVAC business. We are in this business to see your thrive. Reach out to the Larson Company today!