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Gustave A. Larson is a family-owned and operated HVAC business established in 1936. Since then, we have managed to become the leading wholesale distributor of top-end HVACR products, parts, equipment, and accessories in the Plains, the Midwest, and the Mountain States. Becoming a certified Larson partner will bring you an opportunity to bring advanced DiversiTech condensate pumps, pads, and other products and parts to your customers. The innovation DiversiTech introduces into the HVAC industry will make your customers’ daily lives more enjoyable and allow you to stand out from the competition.

Cutting-edge DiversiTech  HVAC products and parts

DiversiTech is the leading manufacturer of HVAC pads and components in North America. This allows DiversiTech to be at the forefront of the HVAC industry and bring their partners the latest word in HVAC technology. They produce reliable, durable, long-lasting, and efficient products that will provide your customers with increased efficiency, comfort, and convenience.

The following are the characteristics that separate DiversiTech from the competition:

  • Innovation: DiversiTech holds numerous patents and runs an advanced R&D division.

  • Variety: DiversiTech offers more than 200 different product categories to their certified partners.

  • Quality: DiversiTech produces all their products using only highest-quality materials.

Benefits of becoming a certified Gustave A. Larson partner

These are the business characteristics that set us apart from the competition.

Making it Easy

At Gustave A. Larson, we aim to streamline the way we do business and give all our contractors efficient and effective solutions in the training room, at the counter, and on our website. Our business methods ensure quick, easy, and smooth interactions.

Setting a New Standard

We believe in providing a unique and personalized service to all our contractors. The way we do operate is a combination of modern business practices and methods that make our contractor’s HVAC business operations easier and as seamless as possible.

For us, it’s personal

We don’t just do business for the financial side of it. We’re looking to create strong professional and personal bonds that will stand the test of time. We’re a family business, and we transport those core values into our everyday business operations.


Want a chance to acquire DiversiTech pads, condensate pumps, parts, and other products?
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Reliable DiversiTech pads offer premium features

DiversiTech manufacturers high-quality HVAC pads for sale that bring advanced features:

  • Simplicity: The installation procedure for DiversiTech pads is quick, easy, and simple.
  • Durability: DiversiTech HVAC pads are made using special materials for maximum strength and longevity.
  • Diversity: DiversiTech manufactures pads for sale in different shapes and sizes to suit your client needs.
  • Tradition: DiversiTech has been manufacturing pads for more than four decades which brings knowledge and experience into the mix.

DiversiTech condensate pumps come in different types

DiversiTech is a reputable provider of dependable and efficient condensate pumps for your clients. They manufacture:

  • CP-22 Pump

  • CP-22 Low-Profile Pump

  • General Purpose Pump

  • ClearVue™ Pump

  • Furnace Pump

  • Boiler Pump

  • ClearVue™ Mini Pump

  • Mini Split Condensate Pump

Also, DiversiTech provides different accessories and parts for their condensate pumps, allowing you to adequately service your clients’ pumps and equipment.

Would you like to become a G. A. Larson partner?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the different types of DiversiTech HVAC products?

    DiversiTech is one of the most prominent manufacturers of different types of HVAC products, parts, and equipment. DiversiTech offers first-rate HVAC products across various categories, including:

    • Pads
    • Mounting systems
    • Air movement systems
    • Heating products
    • Condensate management systems
    • General industrial HVAC equipment
    • Electrical HVAC products
    • HVAC tools
    • Ductless equipment
    • Maintenance chemicals
    • Inline components

    If you'd like to provide contemporary DiversiTech HVAC equipment, including pads, condensate pumps, and other parts and equipment, partner with Gustave A. Larson. We are a dedicated DiversiTech wholesale distributor.

  • What DiversiTech pads are available for sale?

    DiversiTech produces different types of pads across several categories. The following are the various categories and subtypes of DiversiTech pads, suitable for a variety of applications in the HVAC business:

    • UltraLite® Pads:
      • 3” UltraLite® Pads
      • UltraLite® Earthquake Compliant Pads
      • 3” UltraLite® Wedge Pads
    • E Lite® Plastic Equipment Pads:
      • 2” E Lite® Pads
      • 3” E Lite® Pads
    • CladLite® Lightweight Concrete Equipment Pads:
      • 2” CladLite® Pads
      • 3” CladLite Pads
    • Hurricane Pad™ Concrete Equipment Pads:
      • The Hurricane Pad™
      • The Hurricane T-Class Pad™
      • The Hurricane Pad™ MD
    • The Black Pad® Plastic Equipment Pads:
      • The Black Pad® 2”
      • The Black Pad® 3”
    • EcoPad™ Plastic Equipment Pads:
      • EcoPad™ 2”
      • EcoPad™ 3”
    • Heat Pump Pad™
    • Anti-Vibration Pads:
      • E.V.A. Anti-Vibration Pad
      • Rubber Anti-Vibration Pad
      • Rubber/Cork Anti-Vibration Pad
      • Iso-Cube Economby Anti-Vibration Pad

    Gustave A. Larson is a certified wholesale distributor of DiversiTech pads and other HVAC products and equipment. Contact us today and upgrade your HVAC contracting business with premium pads.

  • What are the features of DiversiTech condensate pumps?

    DiversiTech manufactures some of the most dependable and efficient condensate pumps in the HVAC industry. Here are the most important features:

    • CP-22 Pump: Suitable to be used for application with condensate from HVACR. They feature
      • Motor mounts
      • Vibration dampening feet
      • Metal hang tabs
      • Indicator display
      • Check valve
      • Float switch and overflow switch
      • Four inlet holes
      • Two safety switches
    • CP-22 Low-Profile Pump: This DiversiTech condensate pump shares its features with the standard CP-22, but comes in a different, low-profile package. It is suitable to be used with condensate at temperatures of as high as 160℉.
    • General Purpose Pump: The DiversiTech CP-16 general purpose pump is based on the CP-22 design, but it is more economical and energy-efficient. It shares the following features with the CP-22:
      • Hang tabs
      • Overflow switch
      • Float switch
      • Check valve
      • Four inlet holes
    • ClearVue™ Pump: This is the most technically advanced condensate pump DiversiTech manufactures. It features
      • Floatless Sensor™
      • ClearVue’s iQ Technology™
      • Clear tank
      • Silicone rubber feet
      • Mounting tabs from stainless steel
      • Reversible deck
      • LED indicators
      • Four inlet holes
    • Furnace Pump: FP-22 is a condensate pump designed specifically for furnaces. It is able to handle condensate water with a temperature of up to 190℉. The defining features are:
      • P traps
      • 22’ lift
      • Electronics resistant to steam
      • Extremely durable tank
    • Boiler Pump: DiversiTech BP-46 boiler pump is a hard-wearing condensate pump suitable for various hot water applications with temperatures as high as 211℉. The main features are:
      • 46’ lift
      • Oil-resistant impeller and tank
      • Two inlet holes
      • ¼ turn check valve
      • Large tank
      • High-impact construction
    • ClearVue™ Mini Pump: This pump boasts very quiet operations, and they are mainly designed for applications in ductless systems. It features
      • iQ Technology™
      • Floatless Sensor™
    • Mini Split Condensate Pump: This is a quiet and very compact pump that can fit in various tight environments and in most line set covers.
  • How does Flex Inject® work?

    The Flex Inject® Sealant is a polymer and particle-free liquid that has low viscosity and is extremely light. This sealant is injected in the form of a mist directly into the stream of the refrigerant by using the DiversiTech patented misting orifice.

    The sealant then travels through the system alongside oil and refrigerant, exits all the leak points, and starts reacting with the moisture in the outside atmosphere. This forms a low-tensile crystalline structure which creates a permanent seal.

  • Who is a reputable DiversiTech distributor to partner with?

    Gustave A. Larson is here to bring you the most diversified selection of various HVACR products and accessories, including dependable DiversiTech HVAC products and parts. Partnering with the G. A. Larson Company will grant you the opportunity to begin providing advanced DiversiTech pads, condensate pumps, as well as other HVAC products. Reach out to us today and let’s build the future of the HVAC industry together!