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Since 1936, the year Gustave A. Larson was established, we have been striving toward a single objective – being the biggest wholesale distributor of the best brands in the HVACR industry. Now, more than 80 years later, we are the leading distributor in the Midwest, Mountain States, and the Plains. We are a family-owned and operated business, and we are happy to be able to supply efficient and reliable Weil-McLain boiler parts and equipment.

Durable Weil-McLain boilers & parts

Partnering with a reputable distributor of Weil-McLain boilers and boiler parts will allow you to start offering your customers highly-efficient oil-fired, gas-fired, or combined oil/gas boilers for commercial use that are perfect for heating restaurants, casinos, hotels, as well as any other industrial or commercial facilities. Your customers will be able to depend on Weil-McLain boilers as flexible, efficient, and cost-saving heating solutions that will last them for a long time.

Weil-McLain has a 150-year long tradition in the HVAC industry, which allows them to produce premium heating solutions. Working with a reliable Weil-McLain boiler & part distributor brings:

  • Full residential and commercial boiler line
  • Excellent warranty options
  • Comprehensive contractor training
  • Financing support
  • Homeowner protection plans
  • Boiler Bucks program
  • Contractor promotions

Place yourself in a position to win every sales call by combining Weil-McLain leads, a robust financing program, and a full product line.

Making it Easy

At G. A. Larson, we place utmost importance on devising hassle-free and streamlined business practices that ensure all our partners get the maximum level of service both at the counter, on our B2B website, and in our training room. This is how we make sure you’re satisfied!

Setting a New Standard

Gustave A. Larson stands apart from competitors by providing all our partners with a completely unique and personalized service through our Larson Business Solutions. This is our way of providing all our residential and commercial contractors with a completely personalized service that suits the needs of their business perfectly.

For us, it’s personal

The Larson Company has been a family-owned and operated business since day one, and we are constantly trying to incorporate those values into every single business partnership we form in order to create strong personal and professional bonds that will stand the test of time.


Want to offer Weil-McLain heating systems to your customers? You can do so at the following locations:

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • upper Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Wisconsin

Explore reliable Weil-McLain boilers and heaters

Choosing to work with Gustave A. Larson, the leading Weil-McLain distributor, will grant you the opportunity to bring your customers two top-of-the-line heating solutions:

  • Boilers: Weil-McLain manufacturers high-efficiency gas, oil, or combined commercial and residential boilers that are perfect for homes as well as various industrial uses.
  • Indirect fired water heaters: The Weil-McLain high-efficiency indirect fired water heaters produce twice the peak of tankless coils, and they come in three variants:
    • Aqua Pro
    • Aqua Plus Series 2
    • AquaLogic

Choose reputable Weil-McLain parts & equipment

Connecting with a dependable Weil-McLain parts distributor will also allow you to bring your customers the following:

  • Baseboards: Weil-McLain baseboards provide excellent comfort, efficiency, and versatile installation options. 
  • Heat exchangers: They are lightweight and compact, perfect for various radiant heating applications, such as snow-melt systems and pool and spa heating.
  • Controls: Weil-McLain boiler and zone controls will grant your customers improved temperature control and optimized boiler operations.

Looking to become a G. A. Larson partner?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Weil-McLain?

    Weil-McLain is the division of The Marley-Wylain Company, and the leading North American manufacturer and designer of hydronic comfort heating systems for commercial and residential use.

    Weil-McLain has been in business since 1881, and they have manufacturing facilities in Eden, North California, and Michigan City, along with numerous regional sales offices throughout America, as well as an administrative office headquarters in Burr Ridge, Illinois. Weil-McLain is constantly trying to provide simple solutions in an increasingly complex world.

    If you’re thinking of offering Weil-McLain boiler parts and units, you should not think “Where can I find a reliable Weil-McLain boiler parts distributor near me?”. You should just contact Gustave A. Larson, the leading Weil-McLain distributor, and start your path to success.

  • What are the benefits of Weil-McLain boilers?

    Weil-McLain boilers offer numerous advantages over the competition. If you choose to partner with Gustave A. Larson, the most reputable Weil-McLain boiler & boiler parts distributor, your customers can reap the following benefits:

    • Very high energy efficiency that exceeds ASHRAE requirements.
    • Space-saving compact design for more venting and piping headroom.
    • Excellent durability with corrosion-resistant cast iron sections.
    • Money-saving design that reduces assembly and installation time.
    • Simplified piping procedure that requires only two risers.
    • 10-year extended warranty on the heat exchanger.
  • Are Weil-McLain boilers dependable?

    Weil-McLain has had a vital role in the indirect-fired water heater and boiler industry ever since its inception in 1881. They have been producing high-quality boilers for almost 140 years, and they continue to manufacture some of the best boilers available on the market.

    Partnering with a full service Weil-McLain boiler and parts distributor would grant you the opportunity to offer your customers reliable and durable boilers and indirect-fired water heaters produced in the USA. Contact Gustave A. Larson today!

  • How long will a Weil-McLain boiler last?

    If your customers properly maintain their Weil-McLain boilers, they can expect them to last for at least 15 years, and probably longer. Weil-McLain produces boilers and indirect fired water heater systems that have excellent durability and longevity for both residential and commercial uses.

  • Who are the most dependable Weil-McLain wholesale distributors?

    Partnering with G. A. Larson will grant you the opportunity to become a contractor of a wide selection of high-quality residential and commercial HVAC solutions. If you’re looking to become a partner of efficient commercial & residential Weil-McLain heating systems, you should turn to the Larson Company. We’re always looking for new contractors to welcome into our growing family.