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No Pressure Selling - Denver


Sell the way your customers want to buy®

Today, a large and growing number of homeowners will pay you to improve their family’s health and their home’s comfort without waiting for a major component to fail. 

Eliminate your competition

There are four vital benefits your customers want and your competition can’t provide. At No Pressure Selling® you will learn to use your Wheel of Value® to document why You, Your Company, Ideal Comfort Solution® and Greatest Peace of Mind® make buying from you their best investment.

Grow sales

According to Burger King there are 221,184 ways to order a Whopper®. Think of all combinations of SEER, accessories, warranties, options and duct problems -- much more than extra mustard hold the mayo. At No Pressure Selling® you will learn to give your customers exactly what they need to design their Ideal Comfort Solution®. Closing is easy when buying is your customer’s idea.

Instructor: Chris Carlile
His high energy, fasted paced, entertaining style makes Chris Carlile the perfect choice to motivate any audience into taking action! Chris believes, “the right people and the right processes are the most important attributes in growing a business. Without proper training and coaching, implementation is virtually impossible”.

Day 1 – No Pressure Selling®
        Course logistics and digital resources
        Our current market opportunity
        The new definitions of a review worthy customer experience
        Words that sell and how people buy
        The importance of having a sales process
        Three things must be in place before someone will buy
        Introduction to the No Pressure Selling® process
        Introduction to Comfort Concerns List®
        Peer skills practice 
        Daily de-brief and assign homework
Day 2 – No Pressure Selling® 
        Quick review from Day 1
        In-home survey 
        Selecting the right solution based on the Comfort Concerns List®
        Introduction to Wheel of Value® and Installation Guide presentation
        Making a benefits focused presentation
        Peer skills practice 
        Introduction to Objection Handling, The 4 D's
        Post appointment follow-up
        Final skills practice
        Goal setting and implementation plan

10/06/2022 8:00 AM to 10/07/2022 5:00 PM

Event Attendees

Owners, Sales Managers, Retail Sales Professionals

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Event Location

Gustave A. Larson - Denver Branch

Event Cost


Includes breakfast, lunch, course materials.

Denver, CO

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