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BDR's Art of Consumer Financing Class - Denver


Did you know 58% of American households have less than $1000 in savings and that 85% of consumers top 4 purchases are financed (home, college, vehicle, home improvement)?

The Art of Consumer Financing will teach attendees the fundamentals of how to implement retail financing practices in their business, including how to cover fees and stay competitively priced in their market. Attendees will learn various financing strategies and find out how financing can help increase their revenue and help them close more sales.

If you want to master the practice of retail financing, substantially grow sales and gain a competitive advantage in the market, register to attend ‘The Art of Consumer Financing’ today!

Course Instructor: Scott Tinder
11/01/2022 7:30 AM to 11/01/2022 2:30 PM

Event Attendees

Owners and managers

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Event Location

Gustave A. Larson - Denver

Event Cost

$499 for Trane and American Standard Dealers

(TCS and CC Dealers are able to co-op registration fees up to 50%.

Participants will receive lunch, a workbook and online resources.

Denver, CO

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