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Browning Belt Drive Optimization - Vincennes

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Find out to what extent you can reduce your costs AND reduce your customers’ energy consumption. This course will focus on contractor tips and techniques designed to:

  • Eliminate Call Backs – to increase your efficiency
  • Drive Optimization – to reduce component cost and installation time
  • Increase Drive Efficiency – to reduce facility energy costs
Featured Topics:
  • Belt Drive Fundamentals
  • Belt Drive Maintenance
  • Properly Tensioning Belts
  • Belt Selection
  • Replacing Worn Sheaves
  • Belt Drive Alignment
  • Energy Responsibility
  • V-Belt Energy Savings
  • Belt Drive Retrofit/Optimization
  • Reduces part complexity
  • Reduces number of belts
  • Decreases sheave replacement cost
  • Improve Drive Efficiency
  • Browning Products for HVAC
Course Fee:
$50 per person includes dinner, PLUS a package of Belt Drive Maintenance Tools; tension checker, groove wear gauge and best practices pocket guide.
02/28/2019 5:30 PM to 02/28/2019 7:00 PM

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Event Location

Vincennes University
ICAT Building, Room 143

Event Cost

$50 per person

Vincennes, IN

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