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SUPCO is an innovative leader in the appliance and HVAC parts industry known for designing, engineering, and manufacturing high-performance equipment and tools for more than 75 years. WIth headquarters in Allenwood, NJ, this company is very well equipped to provide technician-oriented products, including AC hard starts, coil-cleaning machines, mini split catch-all bibs, and more. Choose one of the industry leaders and the Larson Company and enjoy industry leading appliance and HVACR parts.

SUPCO: the right choice for HVACR parts

As a renowned manufacturer and master distributor of HVAC and refrigerator parts and equipment, this manufacturer designs their products to meet the unique needs of technicians and increase their workflow efficiency. Whether you are looking for the SUPCO Coolpressor or wish to explore their TradeFox line, you’ll get to enjoy the innovation and dependability of their products. At the Larson Company, we provide the great spring maintenance essentials from this manufacturer, from their mini-split adapters to their Port-A-Blaster coil cleaning machines. If you’re looking for a distributor, make sure to contact our team to get more information.

This brand is known for: 

  • Innovative HVACR & appliance parts: A great choice for anyone looking for expertise-based and carefully crafted equipment and tools. Their product offerings include a wide array of refrigerator parts, test instruments, alarms, and more. 
  • Technician-oriented approach: the main mission of SUPCO is to bring innovation and convenience to dealers and technicians in the HVACR and appliance industries.  
  • Vast experience: With more than 75 years of industry experience, this brand has become a household name in the heating, cooling, refrigeration, and appliance fields.

Partner with us and explore SUPCO products

Discover the efficiency and innovation by contacting the leader among SUPCO distributors in the Plains, Midwest, and Mountain States. We bring you:

Making it Easy

Each aspect of the service we provide is designed for your maximum convenience and satisfaction. Rely on our courteous team anytime.

Setting a New Standard

The Larson Company has a mission to bring you high-performance HVACR tools to optimize workflow and maximize success.

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We want to have a beneficial and lasting relationship with each of our HVACR partners, and we’ll take the necessary steps to ensure that.


You can join the Larson Company for SUPCO parts in the following regions:

  • Entire Footprint

A full range of HVACR tools

The Larson Company brings you an extensive selection of SUPCO parts and equipment for sale, including their mini-split flexible adapters and coil debris extractor brushes. Or do you need a magnetic compressor cooler? We can introduce you to the Coolpressor, as well as guide you through their commercial refrigeration tools. No matter what your needs may be, you can rest assured that this brand will bring ease of service, reliability, and efficiency with all of their products. Choose the Larson Company as your go-to distributor and discover industry-leading innovation and expertise.

Discover TradeFox tools

The TradeFox line is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of technicians in the field. These one-of-a-kind solutions have been designed with resourceful trade technicians with experience with dealing with various on-the-job problems. This company helped turn these inventions into reality through expert engineering and manufacturing, creating their unique TradeFox brand. At the Larson Company, we offer a variety of TradeFox AC hard starts, including the SPP super boost series with PTC technology, Ultra Start 2-wire series, and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is the TradeFox line unique?

    The main idea behind the SUPCO TradeFox products is technician-oriented design and engineering. These products are invented by real technicians, for technicians, with unique functionalities and maximized convenience. An example of SUPCO’s technician-oriented approach is their uniquely designed CCB100 coil cleaning brush that pivots up to 120° and their adjustable magnetic umbrella kit.

  • What is the SUPCO CoolPressor for?

    The CoolPressor is a high-powered magnetic compressor cooler designed by a HVAC technician who wanted to invent a more efficient method for cooling down compressors. The CoolPressor boasts the following features and perks: 

    • High-powered magnet
    • Time-saving 
    • Hands-free 
    • Powerful water cascade
    • No mess 
    • Can be attached to a garden hose 

    If you’re looking for a CoolPressor or any of the innovative products and parts, make sure to contact the Gustave A. Larson Company and speak with our expert team.

  • What is the SUPCO mini split catch-all?

    Another one-of-a-kind invention, the mini-split catch-all can help you prevent water spraying the surrounding areas when working on a mini-split, whether you are cleaning the evaporator coils, condenser coils, or ceiling cassette units. The mini split catch-all has a fully adjustable size that makes it ideal for a wide range of service applications.

  • Does SUPCO offer hard start capacitors?

    Yes. They have a line of AC hard starts with electronic, mechanical, potential, and PTC technologies. At the Larson Company, we offer several different types of hard starts, including: 

    • 3-series 3-wire capacitors with mechanical potential relay technology 
    • SPP e-series with the electronic potential relay technology
    • SPP super boost series with PTC technology
    • Ultra Start series 2-wire with mechanical potential relay technology. 

    Contact us if you have any questions about their parts and products and we’ll introduce you to their product line, offering expert guidance every step of the way.

  • How do I find reliable SUPCO parts distributors?

    Are you searching for a dependable distributor of high-quality HVACR parts and components? The Gustave A. Larson Company is your go-to choice if you’re located in the Midwest, Plains, and the Mountain States and looking for SUPCO HVAC suppliers. Not only can we provide you with the finest products from this manufacturer, but we can also offer an extensive selection of other top-brand equipment to boost your business success. 

    We are a team of dedicated, courteous, and knowledgeable professionals specializing in the distribution of industry-leading heating, cooling, and refrigeration equipment. If you’re interested in learning more, keep browsing our website or give us a call now.