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Residential IAQ - Air Filtration


One of the most effective ways to improve indoor air is to reduce or remove the sources of pollutants and to ventilate with clean outdoor air. Research shows that air filtration can be an effective supplement to source control and ventilation. Upgrading the air filter in your furnace or central heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system can help to improve indoor air quality.

HVAC filters can reduce indoor air pollution, but they cannot remove all pollutants from the air.

Featured Product: 


The Gustave A. Larson Company carries the full line of MERV 10 pleated filters.
  • No increase in pressure drop
  • Offers excellent performance and value for a wide range of applications
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Available in stock at your local Larson store 
  • View the full  Glasfloss product catalog

Featured Product: 



Opt for MERV 16 filters, in stock and available at your local Larson store! 
  • Capture up to 96% of virus-size airborne particles*
  • Traps up to 99% of airborne allergy and asthma triggers*
    • Includes: dust, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, pet dander, dust mites, viruses, and airborne particulates associated with tobacco smoke and smog
  • Learn more about Healthy Clean Air
*Contaminants removed based on air passing through the filtering system.
Featured Product: 

F300 Whole-House Electronic Air Cleaner System


The F300 Whole-House Electronic Air Cleaner System
  • Places an electric charge to collect up to 99%* of airborne particles
  • Up to 30 times more efficient at capturing airborne particles compared to a standard one-inch filter
  • Learn more!

Want to learn more about Air Filtration products from Glasfloss, Aprilaire or Honeywell Home in residential homes? We'd love to talk!