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Employee Portal

Welcome to the Gustave A. Larson Company Employee Portal! Here you will find a number of useful resources for Larson employees.

Contact Megan Uribe with questions

Contact the IT Department with questions

Contact the IT Department with questions

Open Atrium
GA Larson Intranet - Contact Emmalene (Emmy) French with questions

Larson Learning Center
Key Wholesale Training Site - Contact Emmalene (Emmy) French with questions

Customer Stratification Site
Power BI Tool - Contact Rikki Smith with questions

P21 Mobile Site
Epicor P21 Mobile Site - Contact IT with questions

Epicor P21 Learning Site
Epicor P21 Learning Site- Contact Emmy French with questions

P21 EDA Site
Epicor P21 EDA Site - Contact IT with questions

Online platform for certification courses and educational courses developed by HARDI - 
Contact Emmalene (Emmy) French with questions

Expense reporting - Contact Claudia Glanz with questions

Invoice Approvals - Contact Susan Steed with questions

Larson Apparel Website
Larson Apparel Website - Contact Lisa Rick with questions

Request for Engineering
Request for Engineering - Contact Steve Niles with questions

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Marketing Project Requests
Marketing Project Requests

Training Class Requests
Training Class Requests - Contact Elise Radawitz with questions

Store Event Requests
Store Event Requests - Contact Jim Huebner with questions

Giving Unbelievable Service (GUS) Awards Nomination
Nominate a coworker - Contact Emmy French with questions
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