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Since the inception of the Gustave A. Larson Company 85 years ago, we wanted to become the leaders in the distribution of HVAC/R systems, equipment, and replacement parts, including the excellent products from SpacePak. We have managed to become the #1 wholesale distributor in the Midwest, Plains, and Mountain States, and we want to keep growing. That is why we give all our contractors the opportunity to bring their customers advanced solutions from the biggest brands in the HVAC/R industry. Start outfitting your customers with cutting-edge SpacePak heating and air conditioning systems, heat pumps, and replacement parts today.

Advanced SpacePak HVAC systems

SpacePak HVAC system is a central heating and air conditioning solution that eliminates the need for distracting wall-mounted units and bulky ducts. This system is a suitable option if your customers are looking for both retrofits and new constructions, as these mini-duct systems can be installed in the floor, ceiling, or walls. The choice of finishes for SpacePak heating and cooling solutions mean they can fit into any space.

There are many benefits for your clients if they choose a SpacePak heating and air conditioning system for their home or office:

  • Installation: these HVAC units are easily installed in any space.
  • Design: SpacePak systems offer seamless design that blends in. 
  • Comfort: Their unique draft-free system provides superior comfort. 
  • Noise: Whisper-quiet operations reduce noise pollution for a better living environment.  

Advantages of being a Gustave A. Larson partner

These characteristics set us apart from other wholesale SpacePak distributors.

Making it Easy

The Larson Company strives to provide a completely seamless and easy experience in the classroom, at the counter, and on our website. We value our partners’ time, and we offer a smooth, quick, and intuitive experience every time!

Setting a New Standard

All the certified partners of the Larson Company receive a unique set of services through our Larson Business Solutions. This selection of advanced tools will help you streamline all your operations and run a more efficient HVAC business.

For us, it’s personal

At the Larson Company, we’re not only looking to build strong business and professional relationships. We like to transfer the values of our family-operated and owned business into all interactions with our certified partners.


Want to acquire SpacePak hydronic heating and cooling solutions, replacement parts, and heat pumps? Contact us at the following locations:

  • Colorado
  • Illinois (Chicago & Rockford)
  • Minnesota
  • Wisconsin

Discover hydronic heating and cooling solutions

SpacePak manufactures modern hydronic HVAC systems that implement water as the main medium for heating and cooling operations. Their heat pumps with air-to-water reverse cycles allow easy alternation between cooling and heating for enhanced comfort and convenience in your home. The benefits of a hydronic heat pump system include: 

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Design flexibility
  • Zoning suitability
  • Environmentally-friendly

Explore high-velocity HVAC systems

The original SpacePak Small Duct High Velocity central HVAC system is a modern heating and cooling solution that allows easy and flexible installation due to its discrete 2” ductwork that fits inside floor and wall cavities. Additionally, the SDHV system provides the following features: 

  • Energy-saving zoning capability
  • 5” diameter vents
  • Operation without detectable noise
  • Removes 30% of humidity
  • No hot or cold spots
  • Improved energy efficiency

Want to become a G. A. Larson partner?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the SpacePak SDHV central heating and cooling system?

    The SpacePak Small Duct High Velocity heating and cooling system is a central air conditioning system that relies on small-diameter ducts for maximum installation and design flexibility without a reduction in HVAC capability and home comfort and convenience.

    The SpacePak high velocity HVAC solutions are perfect for structures that feature limited mechanical space (especially churches and historical homes) or are currently under construction. The small and flexible ductwork makes even the most difficult installation jobs possible.

    Finally, the SpacePak SDHV air conditioning system is extremely energy efficient, especially in comparison to conventional HVAC solutions. What’s more, it reduces in-home humidity to provide additional living comfort. Contact the Larson Company to become a Larson partner of SpacePak heating and cooling systems and replacement parts.

  • What size SpacePak system will my customers need?

    It is difficult to provide an estimate on the size and the capacity of the SpacePak HVAC system your customers will need without having additional information. The size of the SpacePak high velocity od hydronic heating and cooling system depends on the following factors: 

    • Location of your customer’s home or building
    • Construction quality
    • Insulation values
    • Number and size of windows
    • Southern exposure

    Only by closely inspecting these important characteristics of your customer’s home can you arrive at an estimate on the necessary size and capacity of a SpacePak HVAC system. Also, you can also consult the experts at the Larson Company if you’re having doubts about how large an HVAC system to install for your clients. Reach out to us anytime!

  • How long does it take to install a SpacePak system?

    Generally speaking, the installation procedure for a SpacePak heating and cooling system can last from five to seven days. However, that is only an average amount of time necessary, as the speed of the installation also depends on:

    • The size of the home
    • The experience and the skill of the contractor's installation team
    • The type of SpacePak system installed
  • What equipment do SpacePak systems need?

    When installing a SpacePak HVAC system for your customers, it’s important to be familiar with all the equipment necessary for an adequate procedure. This is the equipment that usually makes up a SpacePak heating and air conditioning system: 

    • Blower coil
    • Condensing unit
    • Main supply trunk tubing
    • Branched supply duct tubing
    • Sound attenuators
    • Vents for the entire home
    • Refrigerant lines
    • Drain line
    • Electric lines
    • Return air filter grille

    The Larson Company is here to provide any additional information and training if necessary concerning adequate installation of a SpacePak high velocity heating and cooling system. Contact us today to become our certified partner!

  • Who is the SpacePak heating and cooling distributor to partner with?

    The Gustave A. Larson Company provides a wide selection of advanced heating and cooling solutions for your customers, including modern SpacePak residential and light commercial HVAC systems suitable for different purposes and applications.

    The Larson Company is happy to give you access to the leading brands of the heating and cooling industry and provide you the opportunity to become a certified Larson partner. Start offering your clients high-quality SpacePak hydronic heating and cooling solutions, as well as replacement parts. Contact us today!