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Since 1985, RGF Environmental Group, Inc. has designed, engineered, and manufactured cutting edge environmental systems for the HVAC industry. They provide residential and commercial customers with safe air, water, and food without the need for chemicals. Their innovative and reliable products are designed to effectively address the major Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) challenges we face today. Whether you are searching for RGF REME HALO® distributors, make sure to get in touch with Gustave A. Larson and experience the best of what RGF has to offer.

RGF: the leading manufacturer of environmental products

RGF is known for manufacturing some of the finest patented IAQ products on the market. The company achieves excellence by combining their advanced REME®, PHI Cell®, and UV-C technologies with high-level physical filtration into standalone and in-duct units that reduce the number of airborne microbes, particulates, and VOC gases from residential and commercial buildings. Some of the most well-known RGF products include their HALO-LED™, REME HALO®, and  Guardian Air QR+ in-duct air purifiers. At GA Larson, we provide HVAC contractors with the RGF products they need to provide their residential and commercial customers with top-of-the-line IAQ systems and make their business thrive.

RGF is known for:

  • REME HALO® is an award-winning RGF whole-home in-duct air purifier designed to reduce odors and air pollutants and eliminate sick building syndrome in residential and commercial properties.

  • HALO-LED™ is an industry-leading LED in-duct air purification system that is zero ozone compliant and mercury-free.

  • Guardian Air QR+ in-duct air purifiers are highly effective at eliminating viruses, bacteria, VOCs, mold, and unwanted odors.

  • PHI Cell® is an advanced oxidation technology designed to neutralize and minimize IA pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, odors, and gases.

What you get by joining the GA Larson team

Partnering with GA Larson to provide RGF products and parts brings numerous perks:

Making it Easy

The Gustave A. Larson team is dedicated to providing you with maximum convenience and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Setting a New Standard

We strive to provide HVAC contractors with services of the highest quality, helping them streamline operations and achieve business goals.

For us, it’s personal

At GA Larson, we take a client-focused approach and work hard to establish and maintain lasting relationships with all contractors.


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Discover the innovation of REME HALO®

The REME HALO® is an in-duct air purifier that relies on Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy technology to purify airborne microbials, gases, and particulates. It produces and distributes hydro-peroxide plasma through your space, actively purifying pollutants enabling easier filtration by making the particles stick together. The REME HALO® was invented with the aim to recreate nature’s air purifying processes, which makes it a great option for both homes and commercial buildings. Whether you’re interested in exploring the capabilities of the RGF REME HALO® or need or need a replacement cell, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Introducing REME HALO-LED™ by RGF

The revolutionary REME HALO LED™ purification systems are long lasting and environmentally friendly, reducing surface and airborne pollutants via bi-polar ionization and the revolutionary REME-LED™ technology. The system boasts automatic and self-cleaning ionizers that have carbon fiber brushes and boasts the following benefits:

  • Reduced surface and airborne microbiobials, mold, viruses and bacteria
  • Reduction of particulates, dust, allergens, VOCs, odors, and smoke
  • Ozone and mercury free

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who makes REME HALO®?

    RGF Environmental Group, Inc. has developed REME HALO®, a next-generation IAQ system, to offer effective air purification without the need for chemicals. The REME HALO® is an in-duct whole home or building air purifier that can reduce pollutants from each cubic inch of air in your property, mimicking natural processes of purifying the air. It has proven to be effective against the three main categories of IA pollutants: Microbia, Particulates, and Gases.

    If you are looking for RGF REME HALO® distributors near you, Gustave A. Larson is the obvious choice. By becoming one of our RGF REME HALO® partner partners, you will get to enjoy a streamlined and personalized experience and rely on our steady offer of RGF parts for sale at any time.

  • What air purification systems does RGF offer?

    RGF offers a vast selection of next-generation air purification systems for HVAC equipment. Their selection includes products for the following settings:

    • Residential: RGF offers a variety of home IAQ systems, including the Guardian Air, REME HALO®, HALO-LED™, MICROCON®, and more.
    • Commercial: many of the RGF air purification systems can be used for both commercial and residential applications. Some of their exclusively commercial-grade products include Turbozone® ozone generators, CML and Light Commercial PHI Units, and more.
    • Hospitals and healthcare: the RGF BioControls® line includes a variety of FDA 510(k) compliant air systems developed for use in healthcare facilities to minimize the risks of airborne pathogen transmission. This predominantly includes their MICROCON® series.

    If you’re looking for RGF commercial, residential, or other specialized air purifications solutions for different HVAC systems, reach out to Gustave A. Larson. We are a reputable distributor of various RGF products, parts, and equipment, and we would be happy to provide you with a selection of high-quality air purification options. Contact us today!

  • What does RGF REME HALO® kill?
    The RGF REME HALO® is designed to kill up to 99% of bacteria and viruses. It offers proven protection against MRSA, H1N1, norovirus, E. coli, fungus, mold, and other microbes. It helps reduce many common allergy triggers, such as dander, pollen, and mold spores, as well as neutralize unpleasant odors from pets, cooking, diaper pails, and more.
  • Does RGF REME HALO® reduce dust?

    Yes, dust reduction is one of the most significant benefits of purchasing a REME HALO® air purifier. It uses bi-polar ionization to clump particles together and make them larger, and thus easier for air filters to catch them.

  • Does the REME HALO LED™ produce ozone?

    The HALO-LED™ made by RGF is the industry’s first air purification system that is both zero ozone and mercury-free. This CARB-certified air purifier relies on innovative REME-LED™ technology which minimizes the impact on the environment. The HALO-LED™ also features:

    • A hybrid hydrophilic ceramic catalyst that is washable (the industry’s first).
    • Automatic self-cleaning ionizers featuring carbon fiber brushes.
    • Unlimited cycling capabilities that turn on and off along with the HVAC system.
  • Who are the best RGF REME HALO® & Guardian Air parts distributors near me?

    Gustave A. Larson is a long-standing distributor of top-brand HVAC parts and accessories serving the Plains, the Midwest, and the Mountain States. We are known for maintaining lasting relationships with our partners and boasting a vast selection of residential and commercial HVAC/R products, including RGF air purifiers, and much more. Partner with GA Larson today!