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As a prominent name in the HVACR industry since 1959, Packard provides top-quality products and accessories. The company offers a full spectrum of components and parts, including electric motors, motor start capacitors, transformers, and more. This company keeps evolving their product lines in response to buyer trends, with the aim of becoming a one-stop-shop for all your HVAC product and parts needs. Whether you are looking for a Titan FX Capacitor or a condenser fan motor, the Gustave A. Larson Company is your go-to distributor in the Midwest, Plains, and Mountain States.

Packard: a full-range of premium HVACR components

This company is dedicated to meeting the needs of HVACR contractors by providing them with well designed, engineered, and manufactured products. Whether it’s a motor start capacitor or a Titan Max contactor, you can expect the product to be tested, sturdy, and built to code. Packard is also known for their dedication to customer satisfaction, both in terms of quality of their products and customer service. If you are on the lookout for a reliable distributor, contact the Larson Company and browse our offering of industry-leading HVAC parts and accessories. We carry everything from refrigeration motors and motor start capacitors to dependable Titan HD transformers for sale.

Packard brings you:

  • Premium service: As a company committed to ensuring the convenience and satisfaction of HVACR contractors, this manufacturer can back up their great product line with convenient and courteous customer service. 
  • High-performance products: Packard offers a full spectrum of quality HVAC parts and accessories for contractors, including motors, capacitors, contactors, transformers, and more.
  • Continuous improvement: This company goes above and beyond to perfect their products and meet the changing needs of their customers.

Join our team and become a Packard partner

Are you searching for a dependable distributor to help you improve productivity and efficiency with quality products? We bring you the following perks:

Making it Easy

We specialize in making things easy for our customers with streamlined processes, maximum efficiency, and great customer care.

Setting a New Standard

It is our goal to provide you with top-brand HVACR products and accessories and boost your business success.

For us, it’s personal

The Larson Company wants to build long-lasting relationships with each new client. We greatly value your trust and loyalty.


We can offer top-level electronics and other components in the following locations across the nation:

  • Entire Footprint

A full range of industry-leading motors

At the Larson Company, we can provide you with a wide range of Packard direct drive blower motors (EC Max), condenser fan motors, replacement refrigeration motors, and more. Packard offerings includes both definite and general purpose motors designed with reliability, durability, and easy serviceability in mind. Whether you are looking for an EC Max refrigeration motor, a condenser fan motor, or any other product you may need, we can guide you. Partner with us and improve your service efficiency with Packard components.

Browse capacitors, contactors, & transformers

Packard also offers reliable electronics equipment for HVACR contractors, including a full range of capacitors, contactors, sensors, and valves. They are well known for their Titan HD and Titan PRO motor start capacitor lines, as well as their Titan MAX contactor line. Not only that but you can also contact us if you need a reliable transformer from the Titan HD line. No matter which parts you may need, feel free to contact a Larson representative. We’ll help you find the best components to make your HVACR business thrive.

Partner with us and enjoy the reliability of Packard products

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Packard HVAC known for?

    Packard was founded in Lima, Ohio 62 years ago, in 1959. Since then, the company has been a leader in the HVACR industry, bringing reliable electric motors and many other high-quality products and components. This manufacturer represents more than 20 brands as a master distributor, including their own branded products and top-industry names such as EC Max. Their product offer includes a wide range of heating, cooling, and refrigeration equipment, from the motor start capacitor line to their condenser fan motors.

  • Does Packard offer blower motors?

    This brand is known across the HVACR industry for their reliable blower and fan motors. They have an extensive line of definite and general purpose motors for both the HVAC and the refrigeration industries. At the Larson Company, you can purchase EC Max direct drive blower motors, refrigeration replacement motors, and condenser fan motors, and more. Contact us now to learn more about our offerings.

  • What is the Titan FX capacitor?

    The Titan FX capacitor is a multi-rated, run capacitor specifically designed with the HVAC technician’s needs in mind. These capacitors help enhance your inventory and eliminate the need for multiple trips to your job site. The capacitor is easy to install, cost effective, and reliable.

  • What is the best Packard refrigeration replacement motor?

    Packard offers a wide variety of refrigeration replacement motors and parts for sale you can choose from, including C-frame, unit bearing, and GE 11 frame motors. Which one is best for you will depend on the specifics of your job and your particular needs. If you need help figuring out which one to purchase, contact the Larson Company and we can help you make that decision.

  • Where do I find a reputable Packard distributor near me?

    The Gustave A. Larson Company is a renowned distributor of top-brand HVACR parts and accessories. We can provide you with a wide array of branded products and parts no matter where you are located in the Midwest, Mountain States, and Plains. 

    We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer satisfaction, our lasting relationships with contractors, and our willingness to continually improve our services. Contact us today to learn more about becoming our partner for electronics from one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.