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JB Industries has manufactured some of the finest American made HVAC/R tools and accessories on the market for more than 50 years. Their vacuum pump models, gauges, manifolds, fittings, valves, and other products and parts are known for being leading edge, carefully tested, and expertly engineered. All JB products are proudly manufactured in the USA at their facility located in Aurora, Illinois. Thinking about becoming a JB Industries partner? As one of the leading JB Industries distributors in the country, Gustave A. Larson can provide you with a highly personalized experience.

JB Industries HVAC/R parts provide superior quality

Since 1967, JB Industries has been dedicated to manufacturing high-quality HVAC/R products and parts in the U.S. Their business philosophy is based on quality and integrity, with a strong emphasis on supporting the American workforce and ensuring safe manufacturing conditions. The company is known for premium quality products that range from high-quality vacuum pump options and leak detectors to manifolds, gauges, and scales. All JB products are manufactured following relevant EPA guidelines for curbing the harmful effects on the environment. If your HVAC/R customers value carefully crafted American made products, becoming a JB partner with Gustave A. Larson is a great choice.

JB Industries prides itself on:

  • Premium quality HVAC/R products:
    quality and durability are at the core of JB Industries products and parts. Their HVAC/R tools and accessories are made from carefully chosen materials and manufactured per the highest industry standards.

  • Supporting American workers:
    JB Industries is dedicated to providing safe working conditions for their workers and offering their customers a chance to support US manufacturing by purchasing American made HVAC/R products.

  • Protecting the environment:
    The company employs cleaner production methods and follows EPA guidelines to help reduce pollution and protect the environment.

The perks of partnering with Larson to offer JB Industries products

Thinking about joining our team? Here are some of the benefits you’ll get to reap by becoming a GA Larson partner for JB HVAC/R products and parts:

Making it Easy

Our approach is geared towards ensuring a streamlined experience based on efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Setting a New Standard

At GA Larson, we pride ourselves on our dedication to ensuring the best quality of service to HVAC contractors and helping them boost their business success.

For us, it’s personal

We take steps to carefully tailor our services to the needs of HVACR contractors and nurture lasting and beneficial relationships.


Exploring JB Industries vacuum pump and parts distributors in your area?
Gustave A. Larson services the following locations:

  • Entire Footprint

JB Industries: premier American made HVAC/R tools

JB Industries and Gustave A. Larson allow HVAC/R contractors to improve productivity and efficiency by relying on carefully designed and manufactured products. The company is known primarily for its PLATINUM® and ELIMINATOR® vacuum pumps, digital gauges and manifolds, CoreMax valve removal tools, leak detectors, and a variety of HVAC/R repair parts. All JB Industries products are characterized by quality construction, reliable performance, and extreme durability. If you are ready to incorporate JB Industries HVAC products and parts in your business, get in touch with the GA Larson team for more information.

Choose your high-quality JB Industries vacuum pump

The vacuum pumps manufactured by JB Industries are some of the finest on the market. The company has two main series: the ELIMINATOR® and PLATINUM® vacuum pumps, both of which are designed for maximum durability and quality, with the former being the economy option and the latter on the more premium side. JB Industries also offers vacuum pump oil as well as a variety of accessories and repair parts for the pumps. The JB Industries vacuum pumps are designed to last and are 100% field repairable. Explore our offering of JB Industries vacuum pumps and accessories and become a partner today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What HVAC/R tools is JB Industries known for?

    As a reputable American manufacturer of HVAC/R tools and accessories, JB Industries offers the following products to their customers:

    • Vacuum pumps
    • Traditional and digital manifolds & gauges
    • Leak detectors
    • Valves and fittings
    • Scales
    • Hoses
    • Tubing tools
    • Refrigerant locking caps

    At GA Larson, we carry a rich selection of JB Industries HVAC/R products and parts, from vacuum pumps and gauges to durable brass fittings and valves. If you are on the lookout for a JB distributor in your area, make sure to give us a call.

  • Where are JB Industries products made?

    JB Industries was founded in 1967 in Aurora, Illinois. Since then, JB Industries has proudly manufactured its HVAC/R products right here in the US, relying on a philosophy of integrity, quality, and environmental protection.

  • What are the differences between PLATINUM® and ELIMINATOR® JB vacuum pumps?

    Both the ELIMINATOR® and the PLATINUM® JB Industries vacuum pump series are regarded as some of the finest in the industry. Here’s what sets them apart:

    ELIMINATOR® vacuum pump

    The JB Industries ELIMINATOR® vacuum pumps are designed for AC servicemen who are looking for a dependable, high-quality pump without the premium price tag. These vacuum pumps are 100% tested to stringent quality standards, backed by a 2-year warranty, and 100% field repairable. The ELIMINATOR® is made to withstand even the harshest working conditions,thanks to their all metal construction, heavy-duty chrome plating, and protected O-ring sealed drain valve.

    PLATINUM® vacuum pump

    According to JB Industries, the PLATINUM® series vacuum pumps are designed for serious AC and refrigeration technicians. The vacuum pump features a blank off valve and a gas ballast and is subjected to rigorous performance and quality standards, ensuring durability and reliability. The PLATINUM® vacuum pump is also covered by a 2-year over-the-counter warranty is completely field repairable.

  • Does JB Industries offer digital manifold gauges?

    JB Industries offers a series of digital vacuum gauges and manifolds, as well as a variety of gauge accessories. Their offering includes:

    • DV-40S Digital Vacuum Gauge featuring programmable alarms, data logging capabilities, and wireless Android and IOS connection through the JB app.
    • DV-41 Supernova® Digital Vacuum Gauge that enables HVAC service technicians to identify proper evacuation of moisture and air
    • DV-22N Digital Vacuum Gauge that offers user-friendly settings, extended range sensors, and sleek design
    • SH-35N Wireless Digital Gauge for subcooling and superheat that allows precise system testing while eliminating refrigerant loss
    • The DM4-R Revolver and DM4-Z Zeppelin digital manifolds that feature a transflective menu display for better visibility in direct sunlight
  • Where do I find a trusted JB Industries vacuum pump and parts distributor?

    GA Larson is the go-to choice for HVAC/R contractors looking for trustworthy distributors of HVAC/R parts and accessories. American made JB Industries products are only a part of our offering. We are also a trusted distributor for other industry-leading brands, so feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to supply HVAC systems, parts, and accessories. Our services are available across the Plains, the Midwest, and the Mountain States. Contact Gustave A. Larson today and become a partner!