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Reputable Hydron Module
Geothermal Heat Pump Distributor

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With more than 85 years of experience in the HVAC/R industry, the Gustave A. Larson Company has been constantly trying to remain at the forefront of industry innovations. That is why we have become the leading wholesale distributor in the Midwest, Plains, and Mountain States. We continue that practice by offering our clients cutting-edge geothermal heating and cooling solutions from industry leaders such as Hydron Module. Their geothermal heat pumps are among the most efficient and eco-friendly HVAC systems available on the market today.

Advanced Hydron Module geothermal heat pumps

Hydron Module geothermal heat pumps are the best way to heat, cool, and get hot water for your residential or commercial property. Your customers deserve a heating and cooling system that's environmentally and economically friendly. Their geothermal systems are incredibly quiet, improve air quality, lower humidity levels, and provide zoning, so areas where your customers spend most time can be kept at a different temperature. The systems we offer work with smart thermostats, so you always have temperature control. Hydron Module geothermal heat pumps are an advanced solution for your customer’s comfort.

These geothermal heat pumps are one of the most technologically advanced heating and cooling solutions you can offer to your customers. The benefits of these heat pumps include: 

  • Lower utility bills
  • Improved system lifespan
  • Fewer maintenance and repair needs
  • Reduced cost of hot water
  • Increased home value
  • Safer cooling and heating
  • Better eco-friendliness
  • Financial incentives by local self-governments
  • Exceptional residential warranty solutions
  • Higher energy efficiency compared to other HVAC solutions

Advantages of becoming a certified Gustave A. Larson partner

We separate ourselves from our competitors with our business practices.

Setting a New Standard

The Larson Company is constantly trying to provide all our certified partners with advanced HVAC business tools that will help them streamline their operations. Explore our Larson Business Solutions for a selection of the modern technological methods we have curated.

Making it Easy

At the Larson Company, we value your time and know how important it is to have a well-organized and useful experience at our training rooms, on our website, and at the counter of our store locations. We want you to get the information you need in an efficient way.

For us, it’s personal

The Larson Company is in the heating and cooling business for more than the financial side of it. We have been a family-owned business since our very beginning, and we are always trying to incorporate our core values into every professional bond we form.


Want to bring advanced geothermal heat pumps to your customers? Contact us at the following locations:

  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • Minnesota
  • Wisconsin
  • upper Michigan

Residential geothermal heat pumps

This brand offers different types of residential geothermal heating and cooling solutions, including: 

  • Revolution2 YT
  • Origin VS/VT
  • Origin ZS/ZT
  • Revolution2 BS/BT
  • Revolution2 HP
  • Revolution XT
  • Revolution CT
  • Cruise WV
  • Revolution WS/WD
  • Revolution WT
  • Revolution RT

Commercial geothermal heat pumps

Commercial geothermal systems from this leading company include: 

  • Commercial ZS/ZT
  • Commercial VS/VT
  • WS/WD
  • BS/BT
  • Commercial WT
  • Commercial XT
  • Commercial RT
  • SK | Sidekick
  • ERD
  • ERE
  • ELV

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Become a Larson Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does a Hydron Module geothermal heat pump work?

    Geothermal heat pumps function by making use of the solar energy stored underground to heat and cool buildings and homes. This type of energy is called ground source energy, which is why people sometimes refer to geothermal heat pumps as ground-source heat pumps.

    This geothermal heat pump system uses the stable moderate temperature stored in the ground and redistributes it throughout the property by using a ground loop located underground. The loop is filled with a water-based solution that is in charge of maintaining heat in the system.

  • What is the longevity of Hydron Module geothermal heat pumps?

    The geothermal heat pumps from this manufacturer can last for 22 to 25 years on average, but many such products last well beyond this proposed lifespan. The underground loop has a 50-year warranty, while it can last well over 100 years. When compared to the traditional HVAC systems that have an average lifespan of 15 years, geothermal heating and cooling is a much more durable solution.

    It is this type of dependability that has inspired the Gustave A. Larson Company to become a certified wholesale distributor of Hydron Module geothermal systems. If you’d like to bring the most modern HVAC solutions to your clients, contact us today.

  • Where can you install a Hydron Module geothermal heat pump?

    One of the best things about geothermal heat pumps is that you can install them almost anywhere. They are an excellent option for different climates in both rural, suburban, and city areas. They are suitable for new construction and older structures of varying sizes. If this seems like an HVAC solution you would like to offer to your customers, contact the most dependable wholesale distributor – the Gustave A. Larson Company.

  • Can a Hydron Module heat pump work in a small yard?

    Yes, a heat pump can work in a small yard as long as there is a 10x10 area for the installation of a vertical loop system. If you require any additional information on geothermal heat pumps from this manufacturer, contact the Larson Company today!

  • Who is the reputable distributor or Hydron Module geothermal heat pumps?

    The Gustave A. Larson Company is your go-to wholesale distributor of industry-leading geothermal heating and cooling solutions, and we are proud to give you access to cutting-edge Hydron Module geothermal heat pumps. Start outfitting your customer’s commercial and residential properties with modern heating and cooling solutions. 

    This is our way of contributing to the growth and development of your HVAC business. Not only do we bring you an opportunity to provide your clients with advanced geothermal heat pumps for heating, cooling, and hot water, but we also offer other big brands of the HVAC industry. Contact us today and let’s grow together!