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The Gustave A. Larson Company is the leading wholesale distributor of HVAC/R systems, parts, accessories, and equipment in the Midwest, Plains, and Mountain States. We work with the biggest brands in the industry, and we are here to provide you with an opportunity to outfit your customer’s HVAC systems with durable and dependable Great Lakes Copper refrigeration and HVAC lines. This will help advance your HVAC system installation and give your clients a more long-lasting heating and cooling system for their residential or commercial property.

Durable refrigeration tubes

Great Lakes Copper ACR refrigeration tubes in straight lengths or in rolls are a durable and dependable solution for installation of both commercial and residential air conditioning units. They can also be used for different cold-storage applications in food processing, chemical industry, and refrigeration solutions for grocery stores.Their solutions meet rigorous industry standards. This makes them compatible with elevated pressure ratings of new refrigerants and they will not introduce foreign contaminants into the AC system.

Additionally, all refrigeration tubes undergo a modern and environmentally-friendly degreasing process that ensures all refrigeration lines achieve a cleanliness limit of 0.0035 g/sq according to the ASTM B 280 standards for interior surfaces. Then, upon degreasing, straight-length refrigeration tubes undergo a series of additional procedures, including deburring, nitrogen purging, and plugging in order to ensure they retain the necessary cleanliness according to the achieved specifications. This dedication to manufacturing excellence makes Great Copper Lakes refrigeration lines the preferred solution of professional contractors in the industry.

Benefits of being a certified Gustave A. Larson partner

We set ourselves apart from the competition by the way we do business.

Making it Easy

We focus on providing all our partners with as convenient as possible experience in our training classrooms, at the counters of our stores, and every time you visit our website. We value your time and we know how much it means to receive timely information and advice.

Setting a New Standard

The Gustave A. Larson company is constantly trying to find new ways of offering all our certified partners new opportunities for the growth and improvement of their HVAC business operations. We want to help you advance your business with our Larson Business Solutions.

For us, it’s personal

The Larson Company employs an expert team of committed and professional individuals who are always looking for new ways of implementing the philosophy of our family-owned and operated company into every single business interaction they have with our partners.


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Advanced Great Lakes Copper EZ-Roll line sets

This company manufactures EZ-Roll insulated line sets for connecting heat evaporator coils and the AC condensing unit. Also, the EZ-Roll lines are suitable for use in geothermal, solar, as well as certain heat pump-based heating and cooling systems. Great Lakes Copper manufactures these lines sets in different diameters, lengths, and insulation thickness configurations allowing you to choose properties best suited for the needs of your customers. Finally, all EZ-Roll line sets are available with either a 90-degree bend or a plain end, according to your specific needs.

Long-lasting EZ-Roll Plus™ Black coated line sets

The EZ-Roll Plus™ Black coated line sets are suitable for different HVAC and refrigeration applications. They come with a polymeric protective coating that offers excellent tear-resistance. This eliminates the need for repairing insulation while adding different layout options for your installation process. These line sets are available in single line options, as well as ductless mini split and standard line sets, catering to the majority of your potential HVAC applications. The durability of the EZ-Roll Plus™ Black coated line sets will help make your HVAC contracting operations more efficient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When was Great Lakes Copper founded?

    Great Lakes Copper LTD was originally founded in 1958 as the plumbing tube mill for the company Wolverine Tube. In the beginning, it operated alongside another mill in Montreal with the goal of serving the Canadian market for refrigeration and plumbing tubes.

  • Who owns Great Lakes Copper?

    In 2015, Mueller Industries purchased Great Lakes Copper. However, the company continues to independently operate in Canada. This company is a completely integrated copper tube mill that is able to perform processes such as drawing, extrusion, and casting under a single roof.

    This brand is one of the leading manufacturers of copper refrigeration tubes, which is why the Larson Company is proud to offer their products to you. Improve your HVAC installation process by incorporating industry-leading copper insulated copper tubes into your operations.

  • What products does Great Lakes Copper manufacture?

    The company manufactures a complete and comprehensive range of copper tubes for a variety of different applications, inducing refrigeration, waterworks, and plumbing. They make all their products available in straight-lengths or coils, and they are able to manufacture them with different outside diameters and varying lengths.

    The Gustave A. Larson company is here to offer you access to a selection of Great Lakes Copper refrigeration and HVAC tubes, including EZ-Roll line sets and EZ-Roll Plus™ Black coated line sets. Boost your HVAC contracting operations with reliable and long-lasting HVAC lines from this manufacturer. Contact us today!

  • How can I buy Great Lakes Copper tubes?

    The best way to acquire advanced refrigeration tubes is to contact their reputable wholesale distributor – the Gustave A. Larson Company. We provide a wide array of branded products and provide advice on which of their line categories is best for your specific needs. Contact us today!

  • Who is the #1 distributor of Great Lakes Copper refrigeration tubes and HVAC line sets?

    The Larson Company is your trusted wholesale distributor of different high-quality HVAC parts and accessories, including advanced Great Lakes Copper refrigeration and HVAC lines and tubes. We will help you install durable and long-lasting tubing for your customer’s heating and cooling systems.

    However, we will also do all we can to help you grow your business and improve your operations by giving you access to the biggest brands of the heating and cooling industry. Partner with the Larson Company and start offering your clients industry-leading EZ-Roll line sets for their specific needs.