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Fieldpiece is a well-established company that has been dedicated to providing HVACR technicians with the best equipment and tools possible for over 30 years. The company is known for pioneering modular expendability with their digital multimeters that could be adjusted for additional testing through various accessory heads, removing the need for additional tools. Today, as the leading innovators in the industry of HVACR tools, Fieldpiece manufactures high-quality vacuum pump models, digital recovery machines, multimeters, manometers, digital manifolds, and more. If you are looking for a dependable Fieldpiece distributor, make sure to browse our offer of best-in-class products or contact the Gustave A. Larson Company to learn more.

Fieldpiece: industry-leading tools for HVAC pros

For Fieldpiece, there is nothing more important than designing and manufacturing tools that make work easier for HVACR technicians. Whether it’s a vacuum pump or a wireless manometer, quality and innovation are to be expected from Fieldpiece products. HVACR contractors looking for equipment that will get any job done efficiently and accurately are sure to find what they are looking for in Fieldpiece. The company is known for their JobLink probes, digital gauges, recovery/vacuum, wireless refrigerant scales, refrigerant leak detectors, clamp meters, and much more. The Larson Company is pleased to be able to provide our customers with these cutting edge tools and maximize productivity, precision, and efficiency every step of the way.

Fieldpiece is known for: 

  • Innovation has been integral to the success of Fieldpiece, from their first expandable multimeters to their revolutionary Job Link probe kits. 
  • Commitment to customers is what Fieldpiece is all about. By keeping up with the changing needs of HVACR technicians, the company is able to improve their products to ensure maximum efficiency and precision. 
  • Vast industry experience. After being in the industry for more than 30 years, Fieldpiece has gained the respect of customers and dealers in the HVACR, home inspection, and energy auditing industries. 
  • Quality engineering as a result of vast experience and unrelenting commitment to quality. 

Join the Larson Company team and become a Fieldpiece partner

Are you interested in partnering with us to boost your job efficiency with Fieldpiece products? We bring a whole range of perks for our valued clients.

Making it Easy

We want your workflow to be as smooth as possible, and that is why we work hard to streamline our processes every step of the way.

Setting a New Standard

The Larson Company strives to provide HVACR contractors with the best equipment available on the market today.

For us, it’s personal

Our team is made up of dedicated, knowledgeable, and friendly experts who work hard to meet your needs and ensure your satisfaction.


We can provide you with cutting edge Fieldpiece products and repair parts in the following regions across the U.S:

  • Entire footprint

Expertly engineered HVACR tools with a focus on efficiency

Fieldpiece strives to innovate with each new product they place on the market. Whether you are looking for a multimeter, vacuum pump, or digital gauges for your HVACR business, you can rest assured that Fieldpiece will provide you with a variety of state-of-the-art options to pick from. Their digital recovery machines, wireless manometers, refrigerant scales, and power clamp meters have been the favorite choice of HVACR technicians for decades, due to the company’s dedication to maximizing workflow efficiency and ensuring quality during each manufacturing step.

Products designed with the your best interest in mind

If the product doesn’t make work easier for technicians, Fieldpiece won’t manufacture it. This has been the company’s main goal since its founding by Rey Harju in 1990, when the first multimeter with detachable heads was manufactured. Today, Fieldpiece continues to design and engineer products that bring versatility and flexibility to HVACR contractors, enabling them to work quickly, precisely, and effortlessly. We have the same goal here at the Larson Company - to provide you with the best tools and equipment the market has to offer and boost the success of your business.

Partner with the Larson Company and enjoy the innovation of Fieldpiece products

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of Fieldpiece digital manifolds?

    Fieldpiece offers two main digital manifold models: the SM380V and the SM480V. These two refrigerant manifolds, also known as SMANs, are some of the most innovative digital manifolds available in the industry today. They are a result of the Fieldpiece’s vast industry experience and expertise in the cutting edge HVACR technology. Some of the main features of Fieldpiece digital manifold models are: 

    • They make your job faster, better, and easier 
    • They are portable, versatile, and rugged 
    • They are easy to operate, yet powerful 
    • They work with Fieldpiece wireless scales, psychrometers, and pipe scales
    • They integrate seamlessly with the Fieldpiece Job Link System app 
  • Does Fieldpiece make vacuum pumps?

    Vacuum pump models offered by Fieldpiece include the innovative VP55 and VP85 vacuum pumps known for their easy connectability, wide bases, and study design. One of the primary selling points of these vacuum pumps is that their wide bases reduce oil spills and enable effortless oil changing, which in turn increases vacuum efficiency and brings more service calls per day.

  • What is the FIeldpiece Job Link system?

    Fieldpiece developed their Job Link System In order to seamlessly integrate the functionality of their wireless tools, whether it’s a manometer, clamp, probe, or a digital manifold. The Job Link System enables technicians to receive measurements from multiple devices and locations, all in real time and via a smart device. Tools connected to the Job Link System can directly communicate with SMAN digital manifolds or a mobile device via Bluetooth, providing insight into the entire system all from a single screen, reducing the need for hoses and cables. Any changes to the system are immediately visible for quick reference and feedback.

  • Where can I buy Fieldpiece meters, digital gauges, vacuum pumps & other products?

    As a trusted Fieldpiece distributor, the Larson Company is your top pick if you are searching for high-quality HVACR tools, parts and accessories. In addition to our rich selection of Fieldpiece products, we also offer a wide variety of HVACR equipment, repair parts, and accessories to customers across the Midwest, Plains, and Mountain States. Get in touch with us now and experience the multitude of perks we bring to the table.