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Offering HVAC products that are carefully designed and manufactured for durability and quality, Concord is a constant recommendation among residential HVAC dealers. If you are a contractor searching for a dependable Concord HVAC equipment and parts distributor in Iowa, Kansas or Nebraska, look no further than Gustave A. Larson. We are a long-standing wholesaler of residential and commercial HVAC products from some of the best names in the industry, including Concord and many more.

Concord: your top choice for residential HVAC equipment

Concord heating and cooling products are engineered with durability and quality in mind. The brand employs advanced design and testing techniques to make sure all of their HVAC products and parts work optimally before leaving their factories. Efficient performance and affordability are what Concord is known for, bringing consistent quality with each furnace, heat pump, air conditioner, and air handler. Their HVAC equipment is also designed to ensure swift and easy installation both in new construction and existing homes. If you are on the hunt for a trustworthy products and parts distributor, the Gustave A. Larson team would be happy to introduce you to the wide range of residential products offered by Concord.

Concord is a dealer favorite because of:   

  • Their expert design and testing processes. All Concord residential products are carefully run-tested and evaluated before leaving the factory, ensuring reliable performance and extended lifespans.  
  • The durability and efficiency of their products. The Concord HVAC equipment is constructed from high-quality components and parts which makes them exceptionally long-lasting and reliable. 
  • The simple installation and serviceability they bring. Residential HVAC distributors and dealers value Concord for their dedication to ensuring convenience and speed of installation and servicing of their products.


Joining the GA Larson dealership team brings numerous perks

Thinking about becoming a Concord dealer? Here’s why Gustave A. Larson should be your top pick:

Making it Easy

We greatly appreciate the trust and satisfaction of our customers here at GA Larson. This is why our approach is designed for your maximum convenience.

Setting a New Standard

At Gustave A. Larson, we are fully committed to improving the quality of our services and helping dealers achieve business success by bringing value to their customers.

For us, it’s personal

Our team strives to provide you with a highly personalized dealership experience with the aim of building long-lasting relationships.


Looking for a Concord HVAC distributor in your area? GA Larson serves the following states:

  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Nebraska
  • Kansas City, MO

Concord: combining efficiency and comfort

Whether it is a furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump, all Concord HVAC products and parts are designed to offer exceptional efficiency and comfort. With Larson as your distributor, you can now enable your residential customers to enjoy optimal air quality and humidity in their homes by relying on dependable and durable heating and cooling from Concord. Not only that but you will also discover great application flexibility and streamlined serviceability in these products, which makes them a fantastic option for both dealers and their residential customers.

A rich offer of residential HVAC products & parts

Concord is known for manufacturing high-performance gas and oil furnaces, mini-split systems, air handlers, heat pumps, and evaporator coils for homeowners. Their main focus is on ensuring great energy savings for their customers, which is why most of their products have high efficiency ratings. What’s more, Concord also offers great warranties for their residential HVAC products and parts. With Gustave A. Larson at your service, you can attract top-dollar customers by offering long-lasting, reliable equipment as well as swift installation and service.

Become a Concord dealer with Larson today

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What products does Concord sell?

    Concord manufactures a wide range of heating and cooling products for residential applications. Their offer includes: 

    • High efficiency air conditioners 
    • Reliable gas and oil furnaces 
    • Cutting edge air handlers 
    • ENERGY STAR® certified heat pumps
    • Gas and electric packaged systems 
    • Omniguard™ and traditional coils

    As a Concord HVAC equipment and parts distributor, GA Larson can introduce you to the quality and convenience that this brand offers with their residential products and help you boost the success of your dealership business.

  • Where are Concord air conditioners made?

    Concord is a residential branch of Allied Air Enterprises, a Lennox International Inc. company specializing in designing and manufacturing affordable, long-lasting HVAC products. Their equipment is made from top-quality materials and components in a cutting edge facility located in South Carolina. Each Concord air conditioner is carefully inspected and tested before being released from the factory, which ensures reliability and quality for homeowners.

  • Are Concord air handlers efficient?

    Concord offers a wide range of air handlers, including their constant torque, wall-mount, and mounted models. Just like the rest of their products, their air handlers are built to ensure optimal efficiency and bring great savings for residential customers, with features such as sealed cabinets, ECM and variable speed motors, depending on the unit.

  • Where can I get Concord furnace parts?

    If you are looking for a Concord furnace parts distributor, make sure to contact the Gustave A. Larson team. We can provide you with parts for both gas and oil furnaces, as well as many other products from Concord.

  • How do I find trusted residential Concord HVAC distributors?

    Gustave A. Larson is your top pick if you are searching for dependable distributors of residential HVAC equipment in the Midwest, the Plains, and the Mountain States. Please click the button above to become a Concord dealer with Larson!