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The Gustave A. Larson Company was founded 85 years ago with the mission of becoming a reputable distributor of first-class HVAC/R solutions, including systems, parts, equipment, and accessories. Since then, we have managed to become the leading wholesale distributor in the Midwest, Plains, and Mountain States, and we give all our valued partners a chance to provide their clients HVAC/R systems from the biggest brands in the industry. Partner with the Larson Company and start bringing your clients cutting-edge equipment such as advanced Bard wall-mount HVAC units, parts, and accessories.

Modern Bard commercial HVAC solutions

Bard is a manufacturer of HVAC systems founded more than 100 years ago. During that time, they have put in the effort into envisioning, designing, and creating efficient, versatile, and innovative commercial heating and cooling systems. Their HVAC solutions are technologically-advanced, durable, and dependable, and offer maximum heating and cooling comfort and convenience to commercial clients with different needs and requirements.

Bard HVAC wall-mount units for sale provide multiple benefits to HVAC contracting companies that choose to outfit their customer’s commercial spaces with their units:

  • Reduced installation time
  • Fewer man-hours needed for adequate installation
  • Easy maintenance procedure
  • Quick service turnarounds
  • Additional Indoor Air Comfort options to offer your customers
  • Shake-tested transportation assurance for your clients

Benefits of becoming a Gustave A. Larson partner

Our philosophy of doing business separates us from other Bard HVAC distributors.

Making it Easy

The Larson Company is always looking for new ways of providing our certified partners with a streamlined and seamless experience on our website, in our classroom, and at our counter. This is our way of showing how much we value your time and trust.

Setting a New Standard

The Larson Company is proud to offer all our partners a unique set of comprehensive services with our Larson Business Solutions. We have curated this selection of modern HVAC tools to help you run a more profitable and efficient business.

For us, it’s personal

We’re not in this industry simply because we want to do business. The Larson Company is always going above and beyond and transferring the values of our family-owned and operated business into all the interaction with our valued partners.


Want to acquire Bard wall-mount HVAC units, patrs, and accessories? Contact us at the following locations:

  • Illinois
  • Wisconsin
  • Minnesota
  • North Dakota

Advantages of Bard wall-mounted HVAC units

Bard interior and exterior wall-mount HVAC systems are heating and cooling solutions suitable for modern modular buildings and they bring many benefits: 

  • Durability: Bard wall-mount HVAC units for sale are able to withstand harsh exterior conditions as well as relocation rigors.
  • Flexibility: Bard wall-mounts are flexible enough to be easily transported and reinstalled, making them perfect for modular structures.
  • Reliability: Bard’s simplified design of their wall-mounted HVAC units ensures maximum operating dependability. 

Explore different Bard wall-mounted HVAC options

Bard offers additional options in three key categories of Indoor Air Comfort: 

  • Fresh air/ventilation
    • Barometric and motorized fresh air damper assembly
    • Economizer
    • Commercial room ventilator
  • Humidity control:
    • Active Dehumidification Circuit
    • Independent humidistat
    • Energy recovery ventilator
    • Independent heat exchanger 
  • Noise reduction
    • Isolation, sound, and acoustic acoustic curbs
    • WISP sound plenum

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When was Bard founded?

    Bard is an HVAC company founded more than 100 years ago, more precisely in 1914 in Bryan, Ohio. This manufacturer of HVAC systems, parts, accessories, and high-tech wall-mount HVAC units is the creation of Dale Bard, and it started out as a small local plumbing and heating contracting company.

    However, since the 1930's and Bard’s first patented oil furnace, Bard has been at the forefront of innovation in the HVAC/R industry. Today, Bard is a company that continues its long tradition of meeting the changing needs of commercial customers across America and the world.

    The company is still family-owned and operated, under fourth-generation leadership. It is precisely these family values that made the Larson Company eager to become a Bard HVAC wholesale distributor. The values we share help us form strong professional relationships and give us an opportunity to grow together.

  • What HVAC solutions does Bard produce?

    Bard specializes in manufacturing modern, efficient, and convenient HVAC solutions that use different technologies to provide commercial and residential clients with maximum comfort both in their homes and at their workplace.

    Bard offers a wide range of different HVAC units, parts, and accessories that cater to the varying needs of their diverse customer base. The HVAC systems Bard produces can be separated into the following categories:

    • Exterior wall-mount HVAC units
    • Interior wall-mount HVAC units
    • Geothermal heating and cooling systems
    • Oil furnaces
    • Controls for heating, cooling, humidity, and CO2

    Contact the Gustave A. Larson Company today and become our certified partner for Bard HVAC solutions. We are the leading Bard HVAC distributor, and we are always looking for new opportunities to grow our business and help our partners.

  • Who makes Bard furnaces?

    Bard furnaces are produced by the Bard Manufacturing Company. They are fully committed to offering their customers high-quality HVAC systems, including furnaces, that cater to the most stringent requirements. Bard tests every unit they manufacture individually before shipping, which ensures quality of all the products they distribute.

  • What is a Bard unit?

    A Bard HVAC unit is a technologically-advanced HVAC solution that provides capability to be wall-mounted, making it easy to install, service, and transport if necessary. Bard wall-mount heating and cooling units are rugged, dependable, and efficient.

    They provide advanced Indoor Air Comfort solutions and additional options for fine-tuning their HVAC units to your customer’s exact preferences. Contact the Larson Company today and become our certified Bard partner.

  • Which Bard wall-mount HVAC units, parts, and accessories distributor should I partner with?

    The Gustave A. Larson Company is here to bring you a wide range of different commercial HVAC systems, parts, and equipment for your clients, inducing dependable Bard commercial heating and cooling solutions fit for various applications. This is how we give you and edge over your competitors.

    The Larson Company is here to provide you easy access to the biggest brands of the HVAC industry and their contemporary commercial heating and cooling systems. Become our certified partner, join our constantly-growing family, and start providing your customers exceptional Bard HVAC products, parts, and accessories. Reach out to us today!