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Gustave A. Larson has been in the HVACR distribution business since 1936, offering top-brand products to commercial contractors across the Plains, the Midwest, and the Mountain States. As one of the leading Allied and Allied Commercial HVAC wholesale distributors, we offer lab-tested solutions that boast cutting edge technology and bring immense value to contractors and their commercial customers. Contact Gustave A. Larson or visit us at one of our branch locations to become a commercial contractor of industry-leading Allied commercial HVAC products and parts.

Discover top-quality HVAC solutions from Allied

Made by Allied Commercial, a reputable HVAC company located in Arkansas and South Carolina, Allied HVAC products are carefully designed and thoroughly laboratory tested to meet high quality standards. Allied commercial equipment is known for streamlined installation and service, great efficiency and speed, as well as great warranties that the company offers. These heating and cooling options are a great choice for commercial customers who value advanced technology, innovation, and lasting performance. Whether you’re looking for air handlers, rooftop packaged systems, or unit heaters, GA Larson is your top choice among Allied HVAC equipment and parts distributors in the country.

Allied Commercial is known for: 

  • Technologically advanced cooling and heating equipment: Allied HVAC products boast revolutionary designs and premium materials, offering lasting performance and high efficiency. 
  • Carefully designed and laboratory tested parts & components: All Allied HVAC components and parts are thoroughly designed and tested for maximum endurance and strength. 
  • Easy installation and compatibility features: Allied and Allied Commercial are dedicated to offering immediate availability and rapid replacement options to contractors, with products built for convenience and speed.

What you get by becoming a GA Larson Allied commercial contractor

As a Gustave A. Larson commercial contractor for Allied HVAC parts and equipment for commercial use, you will enjoy the following perks:

Making it Easy

It is our goal to provide HVAC contractors with a highly efficient and streamlined experience. Our services are designed with your convenience in mind.

Setting a New Standard

At Gustave A. Larson, we are committed to bringing personalized and reliable business solutions to contractors in the markets we serve, ensuring the success of their distribution business.

For us, it’s personal

The Gustave A. Larson team is fully committed to building long-lasting relationships with our commercial contractor, basing them on trust, integrity, and mutual respect.


Ready to become an Allied commercial contractor? GA Larson is the leading HVAC wholesale distributor in:

  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Nebraska
  • Kansas City, MO

Allied: lab-proven designs & cutting edge technology

The Allied HVAC products by Allied Commercial use advanced technologies that enable businesses to enjoy consistent performance and energy efficiency, while offering maximum convenience to contractors with each installation. The company is also known for its dedication to self-improvement, which has made them one of the leaders in the commercial HVAC industry. By becoming a GA Larson contractor for Allied commercial products, you will get to enjoy the technological innovation and streamlined installation capabilities the brand is known for.

Best quality air handlers & rooftop units

Allied Commercial offers a wide range of packaged rooftop units, air handlers, unit heaters, split systems, and industrial furnaces, engineered for easy serviceability, efficient performance, and installation flexibility. Their packaged rooftop units are specifically tailored for light commercial applications and are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 2 to 25 tons. The Allied air handlers, on the other hand, are carefully designed for swift and easy installation, as well as lasting, energy-efficient performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who makes Allied commercial HVAC?

    Allied Air is a branch of Allied Commercial, a company known for building technologically advanced heating and cooling systems characterized by easy serviceability and rapid installation. The brand has been at the forefront of the HVAC industry for nearly a century, thanks to their dedication to delivering products designed with durability, efficiency, comfort, and convenience in mind.

    If you want to experience the craftsmanship of Allied HVAC products for commercial applications, you don’t have to search too far to find a reliable wholesale distributor in Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri. Simply reach out to Gustave A. Larson or visit one of our branch locations to become a contractor of Allied commercial products.

  • What are the benefits of Allied Commercial air handlers?

    Allied Commercial offers air handlers built for application flexibility and highly efficient performance. Their units are engineered for installation in small, hard to reach places, such as basements, closets, attics, and crawlspaces. There are three lines of air handlers offered by Allied:

    • Compact footprint BCE 5 air handlers designed to deliver excellent performance with variable speed motors and Omniguard® Total Corrosion Protection technology 
    • High-performance BCE 7 air handlers built for highly efficient humidity and temperature control 
    • Modular air handlers engineered for challenging applications, allowing for flexible installation in restricted spaces 
  • Does Allied Commercial produce rooftop units?

    As one of the leading Allied Commercial HVAC equipment and parts distributors, GA Larson can provide you with highly efficient packaged rooftop units by Allied Commercial. Built specifically for flexibility of installation in light commercial applications, these units are a great choice for any HVAC commercial contractor. Here’s what their two main series offer: 


    The K-Series rooftop units are built for energy efficiency and installation flexibility, with ratings up to 16.5 SEER. They use advanced technologies such as Single-Zone Variable Air Volume supply fans and the Eco-Last™ coils. These packaged rooftop units come in the size range of 2-25 tons.  


    The Z-Series rooftop units are as affordable as they are solid, coming in sizes from 3 to 12.5 tons. They are built to match popular footprint configurations which makes them ready for swift and immediate installation without an adapter curb. These rooftop units also boast the Eco-Last™ coil technology, with efficiency ratings that go up to 14.0 SEER.

  • What warranties does Allied Commercial HVAC offer?

    Allied Commercial offers some of the finest warranties in the HVAC industry. The company provides 15-year limited warranties on stainless steel gas heat exchangers and a 10-year warranty for aluminized steel heat exchangers. The compressors are backed up by a 5-year limited warranty, while the Eco-Last™ coils are warranted for 3 years. There is also a 1-year warranty on their covered components.

    If you have any questions regarding the warranties on Allied and Allied Commercial products, don’t hesitate to contact the GA Larson team for more information.

  • How do I find a reliable commercial Allied HVAC wholesale equipment & parts distributor?

    Gustave A. Larson is your go-to wholesale distributor of commercial HVAC products in the Midwest, the Plains, and the Mountain States. Not only can we provide you with top-quality HVAC equipment from Allied and Allied Commercial, but we are also a renowned distributor of advanced Allied residential equipment and parts, high-quality HVAC parts by Concord Air, and much more.  

    Contact the GA Larson team and become an Allied commercial contractor today.