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5 Upcoming Innovations in the Commercial HVAC Industry

The commercial heating and air conditioning industry is constantly evolving and introducing new innovations. Keeping in touch with all these innovations will allow you to stay on top of the HVAC business and continue offering your customers the latest word of commercial heating and cooling. However, that is often easier said than done. Knowing which technologies you should pay attention to and which ones you should not consider requires a lot of exploration. 

What are upcoming innovations in commercial HVAC?
If you’d like to differentiate between the commercial HVAC innovations that are likely to stay, and those attempts that will not catch on, you’re in for a lot of research. When you’re a business owner, spare time is the one thing you’re probably lacking. This is why we’ve created a list of the most important innovations in the commercial HVAC space you should pay attention to. 

Data & connectivity for better control
Today, contractors design and construct buildings with eco-friendliness in mind. This means that buildings have smart meters, sensors, and thermostats to lower energy consumption and reduce carbon footprint. They achieve this by enhanced temperature, humidity, and airflow control enabled by modern devices.
All this is possible remotely through smartphones, tablets, and computers by interconnecting all the devices and software through Wi-Fi. Additionally, HVAC systems will collect data to analyze past performance, system statuses, and usage trends which can improve preventive maintenance and further boost operational efficiency and user control. 

Green commercial HVAC systems
Another aspect of the increasingly eco-friendly world we live in today is the constant uptick in demand for environmentally-friendly commercial heating and air conditioning solutions. These systems tend to use wind turbines and solar panels to cut down on energy consumption. 
Also, there’s a massive increase in the demand for geothermal HVAC units that completely eliminate any need for petroleum-based energy sources. These pumps use water sources below the ground to generate energy necessary for heating and cooling commercial buildings, making them an excellent choice for green commercial properties. 

Software automation for enhanced functionality
It seems that the days of your customers manually operating the HVAC system in their commercial building are coming to an end. Nowadays, cutting-edge software platforms and tools allow automated system operations through machine analysis of the information used to further enhance operations. All your customers have to do is set the parameters and continue monitoring the performance of the system. 

Smart interconnected HVAC systems
Technological advancements have created commercial HVAC units capable of communicating with other systems within your customer’s property. One example of these smart solutions is implementation of occupancy sensors that automatically determine the needed humidity levels and interior temperature. 
Also, there are systems capable of keeping track of outside factors such as the position of the sun, the humidity, temperature, and brightness. This helps the system determine how much air conditioning or heating is necessary during the different seasons. 

Ductless commercial solutions
Updates to existing commercial HVAC systems can be complicated due to lack of space for adequate ductwork. Even if there’s sufficient space, the costs for a full system renovation can be substantial.
Enter ductless commercial heating and air conditioning systems. They are a modern solution that offers good performance without the need for intricate ductwork. Also, without ducts, there are no more problems with gaps and holes that create air leaks. 


The Larson Company is always in touch with important innovations

Exploring the up and coming innovations in the commercial HVAC space means you’re either starting a new heating and air conditioning company or you’re looking for new trends to advance your existing business. Whatever the case, you should also be familiar with the most frequent questions you can expect from your customers, and learn more about the benefits of using a high-quality B2B platform. 

However, there’s also one more thing you can do – partner with a company such as Gustave A. Larson. We’re always at the forefront of cutting-edge industry innovations and trends. This allows us to offer advanced training programs for your employees, as well as provide modern software solutions for HVAC contracting companies. Finally, we’re here to answer your questions and offer any additional information and advice you need. Give us a call today!