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Larson Works with GPS Education Partners

Across the nation, we are experiencing a massive and increasing need for skilled workers. Year after year, skilled trades are the most difficult careers to fill. In step with our tradition and promise of innovative solutions, the Gustave A. Larson Company is excited to have partnered with GPS Education Partners. 

We are going to take on the challenge of encouraging new recruits to the HVAC/R industry with a HVAC/R youth apprenticeship program that matches motivated student workers with promising careers.

What is the goal of this apprenticeship program?

The primary objective of this program is to educate high school students about the industry and help them gain the skills needed for careers in the trade. Students develop technical knowledge and professional skills in this unique program as they cross-train among Warehouse, Counter Sales and HVAC/R Technician positions. 

By working on the ground level to expose new talent to our industry, we not only offer promising careers to motivated students, but we are also growing and strengthening the HVAC/R community for us and our business partners alike.

As with all Larson Company initiatives, our youth apprenticeship program is guided by our Larson core values: Learning, Attitude, Results, Service, Collaboration, & Integrity. Each Larson employee contributes to our organization by living our values, and we are excited to model and share them with the next generation of workers.

Who are the participants of the program?

This year, we had the unique opportunity to start one of our students before the school year began through our FLEX-UP program. In this role, Angel Diaz works in our warehouse and storefront to perform necessary functions to help keep our supply chain moving. So far, he has mastered product put-away, receiving, inventory research and cycle counting. 

Angel likes receiving (putting the items into inventory) the most and is excited to learn how to drive the forklift now that he is 18. He is in the process of learning more to support our counter sales and will soon be paired with one of our Customers to shadow a contractor in the field.

Angel has done such an amazing job in our Plymouth warehouse that he has been selected as a Trades Ambassador at St. Louis Park High School. As a Trades Ambassador, Angel educates peers based on his own experience as well as guides them to There,  students can explore career resource boards, learn what education is needed, connect with employers and apply for scholarships.

While Angel’s high school has a list of opportunities for student workers, he immediately focused on HVAC/R. He shared, “my best friend’s dad does HVAC/R and shows me everything he does. I’ve always been into repairing and fixing things around the house. I’m most excited to start with the Customer.” After high school, Angel plans on earning an apprenticeship in HVAC/R or go to a trade school to study HVAC and work as a tech in the field.

Congratulations, Angel, for being recognized as a Trades Ambassador!

Which wholesale distributor offers unique opportunities in the HVAC industry?

If you’re looking for the perfect place to start your HVAC career, there’s no better place than The Larson Company. We are always looking for rising talents and we are happy to provide them with ample opportunities for professional development.

We want to show up-and-coming young people the benefits of working in the HVAC/R industry, and provide them with an inside look into how everything functions. To learn more about youth apprentices or how to get involved, contact Laura Kryzenske at