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Youth Apprentice Signing Event & Completed Exploration Project

The current state of the heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration industry is one of contradictions. All the modern advancements in technology have led to the evolution of both residential and commercial HVAC/R systems, causing customers to demand advanced solutions for enhanced comfort and convenience at home and at the workplace. 

This, in turn, has led to the increasing demand for qualified technicians willing to pursue a career in the trades and dedicate their lives to personal and professional growth within the HVAC/R industry. However, that’s exactly where the main problem arises and what makes the current situation in this industry both interesting and problematic.

The more customers require professional heating and air conditioning services, the more the existing gap widens. The gap in question refers to the existing lack of young and motivated talent looking to develop a career in this industry. The high demand for HVAC/R systems and services isn’t on par with the number of young professionals wanting to work in HVAC/R. 

At the Gustave A. Larson Company, we’ve identified this serious concern for our industry and decided to start working on the solution. By partnering with GPS Education Partners, we’ve designed and created an intermediary work-based learning program with the idea to present the prospects of the HVAC/R industry and motivate them to pursue their career in the trades. 

Completed exploration project

The most important part of the work-based learning program we’ve developed alongside GPS Education Partners is its ability to expose students to the real-word workplace environment through a sequence of coordinated activities. 

It combines the current necessity for skilled and qualified technicians with students’ aptitude toward a career in the trades to create a comprehensive program that yields exceptional results. 

The best thing is the journey isn't over for the young learners once they complete the exploration part of the project. There are two more essential portions of this experience that are of equal importance to their and our end goal of finding a lucrative career in the trades and in the HVAC/R industry. 

Career preparation

Upon exploring the numerous possibilities in the HVAC/R field and gaining invaluable career experience through this work-based learning program, young professionals gain the opportunity to start actively preparing for their career in this industry. Some of the activities that the students will participate in during this portion of the program include: 

  • Mock interviews

  • Pre-apprenticeships

  • Internships

  • Credit for work experiences

  • Clinical experiences

These activities serve students who are looking to gain work experience in a specifically designed and structured pathway focusing on the HVAC/R field. Simultaneously, the students also take classes designed to further widen their possibilities for a career in HVAC/R and that work as a showcase of the different jobs this industry offers. 

Career development

Finally, after choosing a singular career path to focus on nearing the end of their journey with this work-based learning program, students work on establishing a clear career path that differs based on their individual desires. Some of the activities designed with the goal of fostering career development in young talents include: 

  • Internships

  • CTE programs

  • Transition services

  • Employee development programs

  • On-the-job training

  • Paid work experience opportunities

  • Registered apprenticeships

The main thing about this final section of our work-based learning program is that it gives young professionals the opportunity to choose whether they want to continue their education or start pursuing their career through exploring various employment possibilities. This way, the students get to make their own decisions about their future and find the path that suits them best.

The Larson Company supports youth apprenticeships & career exploration projects within the HVAC/R field

The Larson Company is constantly looking ahead and continually attempting to better the future of the HVAC/R industry. Detecting and understanding the necessity for fostering new and rising talent has inspired us to work with GPS Education Partners. Together, we work on addressing the current concerns and develop comprehensive solutions for the future. 

Our goal is to help bridge the gap between employment opportunities in HVAC/R and the lack of young professionals willing to pursue a career in the trades. We’re the leading wholesale distributor in the Plains, the Midwest, and the Mountain States, and our goal is to move our industry forward in the years to come. Contact us today to learn more about these types of programs!