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How Your Customers Can Lower Their Air Conditioning Costs

When you’re looking at how you can advise your customers on lowering their air conditioning costs, the trick is to have your answers good and ready. Your customers are going to have many questions, and you need to have the know-how to answer them accordingly. However, that’s just the beginning. 

You need to do your research and prepare the best methods your clients can adopt when attempting to lower their energy bills. That can be a complex matter, but it gets easier with a solid starting point. Take a look at some of the most common and efficient techniques for lowering AC costs you can relay to your customers.

How can my customers lower their air conditioning costs?

Your customers want to keep cool and comfortable during the sweltering summer months. That is priority no. 1. But, they also want to do so in a cost-efficient manner. Nobody wants to break the bank cooling their home. Here’s a couple of things your customers can do to get their AC bills a bit lower this year. 

Turning off the AC

We understand that this sounds too simple, but advising your customers to turn off their air conditioner when they don’t absolutely need it could help them make significant savings. Additionally, they should consider opening their windows when temperatures and humidity are lower for some additional cooling and circulation. 

Using a programmable thermostat

Smart features made available through modern programmable thermostats can help your customers save energy. For example, a programmable thermostat can set intelligent triggers that help with maintaining the climate within a single room.

It also allows your clients to schedule when they want the AC to turn on and off, stopping it from being turned on when not necessary. Finally, a smart thermostat is capable of making minor adjustments to the intensity of the AC on its own, also increasing savings. 

Installing ceiling fans

Installing ceiling fans will improve air circulation, taking some of the pressure off your customers air conditioning system. As low-tech as ceiling fans seem, they can actually work wonders for keeping a room cooler with less AC action, potentially reducing electricity cost for as much as 40%. 

Replacing their HVAC filters

Clean filters are essential for reducing energy consumption and allowing smooth operations of an AC unit. If the filters are too dirty or clogged, the air conditioner will have to work more in order to maintain the same level of comfort in a building. As a consequence, the electricity bills will increase and the unit itself will be at higher risk of malfunction. 

Hire a pro to properly size your AC system

One of the things all HVAC professionals have to know to perform is adequate sizing of an air conditioner. A unit that is too small will struggle to meet your customer’s cooling demands, while a unit that is too large will spend too much energy and negatively affect the energy bill. That is why it’s important for your customers to consult an HVAC pro to help guide them on what unit size will be best for their property.  cut-down-on-AC-costs

Regularly scheduling professional maintenance

Your customers need to be aware of the benefits of regular preventive maintenance for their air conditioning units. Maintenance will resolve any minor issues with your client’s AC system, allowing it to operate at optimum efficiency and not use too much energy. 

Night time ventilation

Cross ventilation is a free and mostly effortless way your customers can lower the AC use in their property. Opening several windows when the night falls and the air cools down a bit will bring fresh air into their homes and allow their AC to take a break. 

The Larson Company is here to help your customers cut down on AC costs

If you’re still thinking about which of these tips would be best suited for your individual customers, contact the Larson Company today and we’ll help you any way we can. Not only will we give you advice on preparing your customer’s air conditioners for the cooling season and help you get your HVAC business ready for the summer, but we’re also here too in case you need additional information on reducing your clients’ AC costs.

The Larson Company is a certified wholesale distributor of cutting-edge air conditioning systems that are energy-efficient and completely cost-effective. Outfitting your customer’s property with a modern AC unit is the best way to ensure they stop overpaying for their home comfort. Give us a call today and we’ll help you decide on the best air conditioning system to install in your customer’s residential or commercial property.