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6 Signs that Your Customer’s AC Requires a Check-up

Unfortunately, some customers fail to recognize the importance of seasonal air conditioner inspection and maintenance and turn to you to fix issues that could have been prevented. As serious problems arise, the repairs get more costly, leaving your customers wondering what they could have done differently. Besides emphasizing the importance of preseason tune-ups, your customers also have to recognize the common problems with their AC and contact you immediately. 

How can my customers know if their AC needs a tune-up?

If your customers are looking to keep their air conditioners in good condition and stave off expensive repairs, they have to know how to spot problems with their units as soon as they appear and contact you to prevent further developments. Here are the most common issues that arise with air conditioning systems that your customers need to keep in mind: 

They hear a strange noise from their air conditioner

Old air conditioners can rattle or shake when they kick on, which is probably a noise your customers are used to. However, any out-of-the-ordinary sounds can be cause for concern. The most common unwanted noises include large bangs, buzzes, whistles, and hissing sounds. 

Buzzing can be due to a partially obstructed airflow. Humming is mostly caused by damaged blades, while a dying motor also emanates a humming-like noise. Whatever the reason behind the unfamiliar sounds is, it should serve as a signal for your customers to immediately schedule a tune-up. 

There’s an increase in their utility bills

Nothing signals a hidden problem with an air conditioner like a rising energy bill without any significant changes in use. Aging AC units will become less energy efficient with each passing year if your customers don’t properly check and maintain them. A professional tune-up will remove the problems causing the increase in energy consumption, resetting the unit’s efficiency. 

The cooling is insufficient

If the AC is not fulfilling its main purpose of cooling your customers’ homes or offices, there’s definitely a problem that requires your immediate attention. Insufficient cooling and warm or air-temperature air usually point to a problem with dirty coils, clogged air filters, or low refrigerant level. 

Your customers notice a bad smell

One of the signals that clearly indicate there’s something wrong with an air conditioner is a foul odor emanating from it. This requires immediate attention, as bad smells indicate lowered indoor air quality, which can be detrimental to your customer’s health. The odors can be caused by wet filters, clogged condensate drain line, or a severe buildup of mold and fungus. 

The airflow is weak

As soon as your customers notice insufficient airflow from their AC they should contact you to resolve the problem. Not only does this affect the efficiency of cooling, but it can also place strain on several components of the unit, causing failures. Some of the most common reasons behind weak airflow are clogged or leaky ducts and dirty filters. 

There’s water pooling or leaking

The most obvious of signs that your customers should schedule an AC check-up is visible leaks. Sometimes, the reason behind this is a refrigerant leak while another potential cause is a clogged drainpipe. It’s important for your customers to react quickly and not allow the accumulation of these substances in their home or place of business. Gustave-A-Larson-Company.jpg

The Gustave A. Larson Company provides the necessary tools, equipment, and training for high-quality AC service 

Spring is your busy time. However, it could be even busier if your customers knew why they need to tune up their AC in the spring and when they should contact you for a detailed inspection and comprehensive maintenance of their air conditioner. That’s why you need to properly market your air conditioning tune-up services and explain why it’s important to prepare their AC in the spring and ensure optimal performance. 

However, it’s not only your customers who should prepare for the cooling season – you should too, and Gustave A. Larson can help you. We’ll provide advice on how to enhance your air conditioner inspections, maintenance, and tune-ups, and provide you with the necessary tools for the job. We also organize various training programs for AC technicians that serve to further improve their skills. Reach out to us today!