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6 Reasons Spring AC Tune-ups Are Important for Your Customers

It’s easy for your customers to forget that their regular spring air conditioning check-up ensures their system is operating at optimal performance. If there are no glaring issues, it could be several years before they contact you for a detailed system inspection and maintenance. However, such an approach could cause serious problems for your customers down the line, and it’s important to explain why they need to schedule seasonal check-ups

Why are spring AC check-ups important for my customers?

Some of your customers probably react only once a problem appears, leaving them with expensive repairs. However, regular air conditioner check-ups will detect any developing issues and allow you to react proactively to prevent serious malfunctions from arising, saving money for your customers. To explain the importance of check-ups, emphasize the following points: 

Getting a jumpstart

Chances are your customer’s air conditioner has been off for quite some time coming into spring. During that period it may have accumulated pests, dust, and/or debris. In order for the system to start properly and to reach its operational peak efficiency and performance, it’s necessary to prepare it for the start after hibernation. A tune-up eliminates most potential hindrances, allowing the AC to work without unnecessary issues.

Enhanced efficiency

Spring air conditioning check-ups allow your technicians to spot potential issues while they’re small. Sometimes, it can be obvious that a component is going to fail or that there are loose or damaged pieces. A clogged condensate drain line or air filter is also one of the common failures after a period of inactivity. 

Not dealing with these problems will cause the AC unit to operate at reduced efficiency, working harder to maintain the desired level of comfort, affecting the rise in utility bills. Resolving the issues will significantly boost the system’s efficiency, saving money for your customers. 

Reduced possibility for breakdowns

Severe malfunction prevention is another reason why spotting problems while they’re small is important. A detailed check-up gives your technicians a chance to detect different types of developing problems and deal with them before they become a serious and costly hindrance. 

Proactive maintenance is the best way for your customers to prevent expensive repairs. This also builds rapport with your customers, and once they trust you to help them in their time of need, they will be a customer for life!

EPA advises it

It’s essential that your customers know that spring AC tune-up is not just a marketing ploy or a sales pitch HVAC companies use to attract more customers. The Environmental Protection Agency strongly advises such procedures under its Energy Star program in order to maintain proper operations and efficiency of air conditioning systems. 

Better IAQ

Enhanced energy efficiency and major fault prevention are important for your customers’ wallets, but the quality of air they breathe is vital for their wellbeing. Your technicians can change the air filters and eliminate different types of biological pollutants, such as bacteria and mold from the system. This way, your customers ensure that the air they breathe is as clean and fresh as possible.

Safety considerations

Finally, faulty air conditioners can also be a serious safety concern, which is what makes spring tune-ups even more important. Contamination affects air quality, and faulty components can lead to power outages and fires in extreme cases, which can compromise your customers’ safety. A check-up eliminates all cause for concerns and ensures safe operations. The-Larson-Company.jpg

The Larson Company is here to train your technicians to perform thorough AC check-ups 

Come spring, chances are you’re going to see a surge in demand for your services. However, not everybody is familiar with the importance of spring AC check-ups. That’s why you need to advise your customers on when they should contact you for a spring AC tune-up and why they should hire professionals to properly maintain their air conditioners. This is one of the best ways to market your AC inspection and maintenance services to your customer base. 

From there, it’s time to prepare for an even greater influx of customers, and that’s precisely what the Gustave A. Larson Company is here to help you with. We offer cutting-edge air conditioning systems, as well as the necessary tools and equipment. What’s more, you can take advantage of our different training programs for your AC technicians that will help them improve their skills and advance their level of service. Give us a call today!