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Maintenance Plans: What Are They & Why Your Company Should Start Offering Them

Ceating maintenance plans for your HVAC company and offering them to your customers can bring numerous benefits both to your contracting company and to your customers. However, that’s only true if you design a comprehensive maintenance plan that will cater to your customer’s individual needs. That’s exactly what we’re here to help you with. 

What is an HVAC maintenance plan?

An HVAC maintenance plan is a contract of service between your company and your customer that includes an annual fee in exchange for certain services. Your business will perform routine and regular inspection, tune-ups, and repairs of your client’s heating and cooling system. 

One of the other names for a maintenance plan or contract is “comfort club”, as it indicates the level of service and convenience your customer can expect to receive. It is also common for contractors to offer their customers the choice of two or more types of maintenance plans. This allows clients to choose one that suits their needs and their budget. 

What are the common types of maintenance plans?

Speaking of different types of maintenance plan – there are two common variants that most contractors use. They are designed in such a way that they cover the most common needs of different types of customers. 

Basic annual plan

A basic plan is the most affordable and the most common type of maintenance plan customers go for. It includes a regular detailed inspection of an HVAC system. Inspections will detect potential faults with the system on time and allow those faults to be addressed before they develop further. 

Upgraded annual plan

An upgraded plan involves regular inspections present in the basic plan with the addition of servicing and repair when necessary. Also, most companies offer a discount on repairs, parts, and service calls to customers with an upgraded maintenance plan, which is something you should consider to motivate customers to subscribe to this service. 

Additional services 

Also, you should think about offering additional services so that your clients can further customize their maintenance plans per their specific requirements. Some of the most frequent additional service are: 

Why should my company offer a maintenance plan?


The advantages of having a maintenance plan in place are there for both you and your customers. While it’s important for a contractor to know the clear benefits of offering maintenance plans, it’s also worth knowing how they can be beneficial to your customers in order to motivate them to subscribe.

Benefits for your company

First, let’s explore how maintenance plans can prove beneficial for your HVAC contracting company. 

Steady income

Maintenance plans will allow your company to become more profitable through a steady source of income from the subscribers to one of your maintenance plans. This remains true even if your customers end up not needing any repair or maintenance services. 

Strengthening customer relationships

Regularly visiting your customer’s property will grant you a chance to keep in touch with your client base and strengthen your relationships with your customers. This will, in turn, improve your referrals through word of mouth, potentially bringing in new customers. 

Tackling problems

Finally, you will stay on top of any potential faults in your customer’s HVAC system. This allows you to react quickly, before the problem develops further, saving you time performing repairs and improving your business efficiency. 

Benefits for your customers

Now, it’s time to see how your customers can take advantage of the HVAC maintenance plans you offer. 

Peace of mind

The first and the biggest benefit of an HVAC maintenance plan is that your customers will have complete peace of mind knowing they are covered in case of an HVAC emergency. 

Saving money

By having an HVAC contractor performing regular inspections of their heating and air conditioning system, customers will save money by resolving small problems before they develop into larger and more expensive issues. 

Preventing HVAC surprises

By hiring professionals to regularly inspect their equipment, customers make sure there will be no surprise breakdowns in the middle of the heating or cooling season. This helps ensure uncompromised comfort and convenience year round. 

Improved system efficiency

When experts inspect, maintain, and service an HVAC system on a regular basis, they ensure everything is operating at peak efficiency. A system that runs well spends less energy and lowers bills. 

The Larson Company will help you design a comprehensive maintenance plan

formulating a clear and detailed maintenance plan to offer to your customers is an essential part of your HVAC business. Combining this with other important aspects, such as training your employees properly, keeping in step with the innovations in the HVAC industry, and creating a modern website to boost conversions will help you stay on top of the competition. 

The Larson Company has years of experience helping HVAC contracting companies create maintenance plans. We have the knowledge and the skills necessary to design a plan that will bring you and your customers numerous benefits. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive set of additional business assistance through our Larson Business Solutions. Give us a call today!