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7 HVAC Industry Innovations Your Company Should Prepare For
The HVAC industry is constantly evolving, and keeping your business competitive means keeping in touch with all the advancements and training your employees to work with new systems. However, in order to do all this you have to explore what the current and the upcoming modern technologies in the heating and cooling industry are.

What are the most important upcoming HVAC innovations?

The heating and cooling industry is changing at a rapid pace, and it can get difficult to stay ahead of it all. However, it’s important to focus on several up-and-coming technologies that could make a big impact in the industry during the years to come. 

Air conditioning activated by movement

Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a new design for air conditioning systems that uses sensors set along aluminium rods that hang from the ceiling. These sensors then activate the AC unit if movement is detected, ensuring that the air conditioner is on only when there are people present in the premises, lowering costs and energy consumption and increasing the system’s longevity and durability. 

Thermal AC systems

This is a low-cost alternative to standard air conditioning units present in most homes and office buildings. This system utilizes solar energy supplemented with natural gas to provide cool air for homes and small businesses. What’s more, this system has two chillers, which provides additional cooling possibilities while completely eliminating electricity costs. 

Ice-powered air conditioners

This system is playfully named the Ice Bear. It works by freezing water present in its tank overnight to provide cooling for the property during the day. This design is currently capable of offering up to six hours of cooling before a traditional air conditioner has to take over. While there is still a lot of research and development necessary to implement this technology on a larger scale, it’s a step towards a different type of air conditioning. 

Ventilation enhanced with sensors

These vents are meant to replace the floor, wall, or ceiling vents in your customer’s property. They are filled with sensors that monitor the current temperature in the property, as well as air pressure and air quality parameters. Once the parameters indicate the need for cooling, the system activates and starts distributing cool air around the property. 

Heat pumps running on dual fuel

The theory behind this innovation is that heat pumps operate more efficiently when they use a combination of two different types of fuel. The current concept uses electricity and gas. If the temperature is low, the pump will use gas. If the outside temperature is higher than 35 degrees, it will start using electricity.

Geothermal heat pumps

Geothermal heat pumps have been present for approximately 80 years, but they are only starting to catch on now. This is a green technology that uses earth’s energy to provide heating and cooling for a property through a system of underground looped pipes. Also, geothermal pumps provide a constant supply of hot water. 

Smart homes

Smart homes allow individuals to control different aspects of their household, including security, cooling, heating, lighting, entertainment, and surveillance from an app on their phones. This means that there’s going to be an increased demand for smart HVAC systems that can be conveniently controlled from any location the customer chooses. 
modern hvac industry innovations

The Larson Company is here to help you keep in touch with modern industry innovations

Paying attention to the innovations in the HVAC industry and constantly advancing your contracting company is one of the pillars of a successful business. Additionally, you should think about incorporating maintenance plans into your portfolio, investing into training opportunities for your staff, and boosting your conversions and leads with a good website

If you’re having difficulties training your employees in the latest trends in the HVAC industry, you can always turn to the Larson Company for assistance. We will help stay on top of industry innovations through our comprehensive training programs, and help make sure you and your employees are ready for the future of HVAC. Give us a call today!