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How to Get HVAC Leads

Generating numerous HVAC leads for your company is a tried-and-tested contemporary HVAC business strategy implemented by many companies. More leads means improved company online visibility and an increased number of potential customers through improved conversion rates. And all that is excellent news for your HVAC company.

However, actually getting more HVAC leads for your business is something many companies find difficult to do. Partnering with a reputable wholesale HVAC distributor with access to advanced SEO capabilities is a certain method of lead generation. However, take a look at some other things you can do to improve your generation of HVAC leads. 

What is the best way to get HVAC leads?

If you’re looking for ways to generate more leads, it means you’re serious about expanding the reach of your HVAC business and introducing your services and products to a wider range of potential customers, thus increasing your revenue and capacity. 

However, lead generation is a term you often hear, but it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what you can do to get more HVAC leads for your business. That is why we’ve taken the time to present several lead generation strategies that, when combined, can give your HVAC company the conversion boost you’re looking for. 

Revamping and optimizing your website

Your website is essential for lead generation, but there is a big chance you’re underutilizing its potential. An HVAC SEO-optimized website is an excellent resource for generating strong leads, even during off season. To learn more about the essential parts of an HVAC website, check out our blog post

First, you should optimize your website to be both desktop and mobile-friendly. Well-optimized websites tend to rank higher during search engine queries, and you need to ensure potential customers are able to see your online presence.

Then, you can increase conversion rates from your leads by:

  • Making the look of your website more modern and appealing.

  • Implementing SEO-focused keywords that will help your website rank high.

  • Providing easy and seamless communication options for your customers. 

  • Personalizing your website to make it stand out from the competition.

  • Ensuring you highlight customer testimonials and online reviews. 

  • Starting a dedicated HVAC podcast or writing a blog on HVAC topics. 

  • Using Calls to Action to engage customers and promote special offers. 

You can also use tools such as Nearby Now to help increase your web presence, engage your technicians & collect online customer reviews. To learn more about Nearby Now, and to watch a customer testimonial, visit our Larson Business Solutions page!

Adapting your marketing strategies for online operationsHVAC-wholesale-distributor.jpg

Nowadays, traditional marketing methods, such as TV, billboards, newspapers, direct mail, and radio all take a backseat in the vast majority of HVAC marketing strategies. Take advantage of online marketing and focus most, if not all of your efforts on Google. 

It’s wise to spend at least half of the entire marketing budget on Pay-Per-Click ads, HVAC SEO, Google Local Services, and Google My Business. As much as 70 percent of all potential customers in the HVAC industry find contracting service and HVAC product providers online via Google.

Searchkings can assist your company to obtain a Google Guaranteed Shield, coordinate Google Local Services (GLS), and/or Google AdWords (Pay-Per-Click), and more. Check out our Larson Business Solutions page to learn more. 

Also, you need to adapt to modern trends and make your business visible online. Let’s take a look at some of the ways for improving SEO strategies for your HVAC company and increasing your company’s reach through suitable marketing messages. 

Improving your HVAC SEO strategies

The biggest benefit of maximizing your SEO strategies is that your website will appear at or near the top of all organic searches on Google, as well as different search engines. The higher up your website ranks, the greater the chances of a potential customer choosing your company for their HVAC needs. 

Here are a few ideas you can try out in order to help rank your website better:

  • Use top-ranking keywords for the content of your website, as well as in all digital advertising, newsletters, social media efforts, and business directories.

  • Don’t forget to include mention of cities and neighborhoods you operate in to increase visibility to the core of your business – local customers.

  • Take advantage of Google Local Services and advertise your HVAC business to receive direct leads from possible customers. 

Reaching out to your audience with adequate marketing messages

First, you need to determine the audience you’re looking to target with suitable marketing messages. Only once you do that can you begin to envision and design the marketing messages and strategies you’ll use to reach a wider customer base. 

The general rule of thumb when it comes to targeted marketing is this – the more information on your target audience you have, the more likely your marketing strategy will work. Try to learn the specifics, such as age, income, gender, and location, and then mold your messages based on those criteria. This helps personalize marketing and make it more appealing to the individual. 

Managing your online reviews

Today, most of the potential customers looking for some sort of HVAC product or service don’t ask their neighbors, friends, or pick up the Yellow Pages. They go online to find an HVAC contracting company, and then they research online reviews that the company has. 

That is why any type of positive online feedback, especially on social media and Google Services, is invaluable for growing your business. Customers trust other customers, and you should focus some of your marketing efforts on advertising your excellent customer rating.

Rocket Reviews is a great way to easily obtain reviews for your company. To learn more about how Rocket Reviews can help boost your online rating, check them out on Larson Business Solutions page.  

The two important things you need to do in order to encourage your customers to write positive reviews are: you want to make it as easy as possible for customers to leave reviews, and you want to give them a service worthy of writing one. The rest is up to them. 

Boosting your HVAC technician training to secure 5-star reviews

In order to get many favorable, potential 5-star customer reviews, you need to train your employees on giving exceptional service every time. This will ensure more and more people are willing to say great things about your HVAC business which will lead others to give your services a try. Here’s what you can do to make sure your customers are as satisfied as possible: 

  • Try to leave a good first impression from the moment they contact you to the moment you follow up on a completed job.

  • Implement online scheduling solutions to make booking easy and efficient. 

  • Try to make your customers wait as little as possible for an appointment. 

  • Shorten your appointment  time as much as possible to give your customers prompt service. 

  • Instruct your technicians to perform on-site customer satisfaction evaluation to prevent any potential subsequent complaints and negative reviews. 

Using HVAC mobile apps and software to automate your operations

As we’ve mentioned, the customers of today appreciate quality and speed of service, certainly, but they also like ease and efficiency in booking, scheduling, and communication. That is why you should use all the modern technologies at your disposal to ensure your customers are able to do all they want in a streamlined and straightforward way. 

This entails implementing different desktop and mobile apps and platforms that will make the entire customer experience as smooth as possible. Also, automating parts of your business operations with specialized HVAC software can help make organizing and dispatching more efficient. 

All this together makes up field management software, which you should definitely look more closely into. Adequate field management software solutions can help you streamline your HVAC business operations, and help you run your business more easily and efficiently. 

Improving your customer experience for increased HVAC leads

Finally, do all you can to improve your customer experience as much as possible. A satisfied customer will leave a great review, tell their friends and neighbors, and maybe brag about it on their social media accounts. All this will help you get your company out there and create more leads and potential new customers. Happy customers are your biggest asset. 

Which HVAC wholesale distributor can help me boost my HVAC business?

Lead generation is an important part of growing your HVAC business through enhancing online presence, customer interest, and conversion rates. However, it is also important to partner with a reputable wholesale distributor of high-quality HVAC parts, equipment, and systems. Gustave A. Larson is a company that offers its partners the leading brands, the most modern equipment, and constant support in their business operations. Contact us today!