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What’s New in HVAC Technology?

Being in step with the modern trends of the HVAC industry means not only looking for new tech features that can help you boost your HVAC business, but also looking for the latest advancements in HVAC technology that could make your customers’ lives easier and more comfortable.
This comprehensive approach can help you overcome all of the challenges in the HVAC industry and assist you in making your HVAC business more productive. Modern HVAC technological solutions are the future, and it’s important not to lose touch with the trends. These are the most advanced technologies found in the HVAC industry.

What are modern HVAC technologies?

The HVAC industry is constantly evolving and making great use of modern technological advances. This makes it easier for technicians and contractors to do their job, and increases the comfort and the convenience of homeowners. Currently, there are 5 important areas that offer most innovations.

Sustainable systems

Eco-friendly home and office solutions are taking advantage of green technologies and different types of HVAC systems. This means that modern HVAC technologies, mainly geothermal heat pumps and solar HVAC solutions are becoming increasingly popular. 

Besides geothermal and solar energy, there are other sustainable innovations HVAC business owners should watch out for:

  1. Dual fuel heat pumps: This modern HVAC solution combines a full-size gas furnace and an electric heat pump within the same HVAC system. Depending on the outside temperature, an electric heat pump can be enough to heat a home, lowering heating bills and your customer’s carbon footprint. 

  2. Ice-powered AC: A company in the United States has produced Ice Bear, an AC unit completely powered by ice. It is able to provide cool air for as many as 6 hours and help reduce energy consumption.

  3. Sensor-enhanced vents: This HVAC technology allows homeowners to control the climate in separate rooms by taking advantage of smart sensors. These sensors are in charge of gathering and transmitting climate data from different rooms, allowing for automated vent control through a mobile app.

  4. Energy analysis software: Different energy analysis software solutions enable HVAC contractors and technicians to provide customers with the most suitable low-cost HVAC solutions for their home or office space. 

Smart thermostats

Smart HVAC solutions, mainly smart thermostats, allow your customers complete remote control of their HVAC system. This makes the entire process of turning their HVAC system on or off or controlling the temperature in their home easier, streamlined, and more efficient. 

Smart preventive maintenance

Modern smart HVAC systems are able to predict the need for preventive maintenance before the actual problem arises. There are HVAC technologies that implement the Internet of Things for inspecting internal equipment status and indoor air quality. 

This allows prediction of potential HVAC problems and malfunctions, helping homeowners schedule preventive maintenance before the issue occurs. This can also help HVAC business owners better organize their operations. 

hvac-wholesale-distributor.jpgMobile technology

Various mobile apps, such as AAB Smart Tools, or Sporlan SMART Service Tool, allow HVAC technicians to be more productive, while also making their jobs easier. This will help HVAC business owners massively improve their business operations and grow their business at a faster pace.

VR training

Resembling something out of a retro-futuristic sci-fi flick, virtual reality is becoming more and more present in today’s modern society. VR has found its application in the HVAC industry as well, mostly for educational and training purposes.

Virtual reality simulators provide cost-effective and surprisingly-efficient staff training opportunities. Technicians can take a walk through complicated installations and troubleshoot new, unfamiliar equipment before moving to real-life systems. This helps reduce the cost of training, as well as the risk of mistakes. 

G.A. Larson brings the latest in HVAC technology to your business

Providing comprehensive and high-quality HVAC service is only one part of improving your HVAC business operations. It’s also important to keep track of all the modern trends in the HVAC industry and constantly continue improving your business by implementing quality modern HVAC solutions that can help make your business more efficient and productive. However, sometimes it is not easy choosing which modern technologies to implement.

That is why Gustave A. Larson is here to help you. We’ve been keeping an eye on advanced HVAC trends since we founded our company more than 80 years ago. Today, we are here to outfit our certified customers with effective technological solutions to help boost their business. You can rely on us to help connect you with the best tools in the industry, and provide training on the latest products – both in person and virtually. Contact us to learn more about how we can help!