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4 Tech Features for HVAC Dealers

Being familiar with technological solutions for the HVAC industry and implementing advanced features into your HVAC operations carries many benefits. Not only will you be able to significantly boost the productivity of your HVAC business, but technology will also help you deal with all the crucial challenges of the HVAC industry.

Focusing on growing your business is important, but implementing modern tech features will help you organize and manage your business more effectively and successfully. That is why offering technologically advanced solutions to your customers is just as important as partnering with a HVAC distributor that offers the same benefit to you. So, let’s see what features your HVAC business could take advantage of. 

What tech features should I incorporate into my HVAC business?

Implementing modern and efficient tech features into your HVAC business operations is one of the key components that will make running and managing your business easier. There are several categories of modern software solutions designed to advance your business and improve your customers’ convenience and comfort.

Field management software

Field management software enables improved interaction between your HVAC business and your clients, which is essential for ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency. There are numerous field management software solutions. However, Larson has four preferred partners our customers can choose from base on their needs:

  1. FieldEdge: This is a cloud-based field service management platform that provides a high-quality mobile app, quoting options, flat rates, as well as completely automated back-end and front-end business options. 

  2. Service Fusion: This field management software provides you with the ability to adequately coordinate your HVAC business from any location. It offers customer records digital migration that will help you create a centralized system for management, scheduling, invoicing, payments, and reporting.

  3. P3 HVAC Solutions: Designed specifically with HVAC contractors in mind, this field management software helps small businesses grow by streamlining as much of the workflow as possible. This includes dispatching, customer presentation, and invoicing.

  4. Payzerware: Payzerware is a comprehensive field management software that helps HVAC businesses service an increased number of customers. It offers contactless payment methods, simplifies invoices and proposals, and integrates all aspects of financing.

Mobile HVAC applications

With a smartphone now in almost every pocket, it is extremely useful to incorporate mobile HVAC-related applications into your everyday business operations. This makes some HVAC jobs faster and easier, and enables your technicians to be more efficient.

  1. AAB Smart Tools: This company produces HVAC tools that connect to your smartphone app and allow easier and improved airflow analysis and control.

  2. Chemours Pressure Temperature Chart: This app provides immediate access to more than 5,700 rooftop matchups, allowing easier unit replacement no matter the manufacturer or the model.

  3. Sporlan SMART Service Tool: The precise calculations per NIST refrigerant properties, as well as its intuitive design, make this app suitable for HVAC technicians and contractors.

  4. Packard TitanFLEX™: This mobile app eliminates the need for interpreting complicated wiring diagrams and makes wiring easy and quick. 

HVAC-wholesale-distributor.jpgAdvanced online ordering platforms

It is important to have access to an online ordering system that allows an easy, fast, streamlined and seamless ordering experience, especially if your HVAC business is very developed and you constantly need access to large quantities of specialized HVAC units, parts, and equipment. 

That is why you should partner with a wholesale HVAC distributor that is able to offer modern online ordering solutions. This is paramount for making sure one of the most important aspects of your HVAC business is as efficient as possible. 

At Larson, we can set our customers up with an account for our Efficiency B2B website. With 24/7 access to your account information, you can check previous orders and invoices, access a current statement, check branch inventory, and order online. We’ve made it easy for you to find everything you need. And, we’re always listening to our customers and improving on existing features. 

Co-op marketing solutions

Co-op marketing is a program that provides shared marketing costs between an HVAC brand and its licensed sales partner. Reputable wholesale HVAC distributors are able to cooperate with the biggest brands in the industry in such a way, and provide their certified dealers with the same opportunity.

Strong marketing is one of the staples of a successful business of any kind, HVAC industry included, and having a reliable co-op marketing partner at your side can make growing your HVAC business easier. Also, the shared costs enables you to put forward a stronger marketing campaign than you could under regular circumstances. 

Create an account for all your co-op needs with Gustave A. Larson! Log in to our portal to submit co-op requests, check your balance, and more. This portal is much more efficient and easy to use than the previous process. Just another way we’re “Making It Easy” for our customers!

Gustave A. Larson provides modern technological features for your growing HVAC business

Implementing modern technological features into your HVAC business is essential if you’re looking to improve and streamline your operations and take full advantage of the benefits modern breakthroughs offer. However, you should also find a reputable wholesale distributor to partner with that is able to bring all these features to you, and make it easier to bring these features to your customers.

Luckily, you have Gustave A. Larson at your side. Ever since our inception, we have been teaming up with partners to offer modern solutions to our customers. We continue that practice to this day, and offer our clients new methods under our Larson Business Solutions. Contact us to learn more about our preferred partners!