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How to Prepare Your Customer’s AC for the Summer

You want to be able to do your part in ensuring your customer’s comfort during the sweltering summer months. That is why you should pay attention to creating a comprehensive maintenance plan designed specifically to adequately prepare your client’s air conditioning system for the summer. This is the only way to make sure it will operate properly. 

However, this is a detailed procedure that consists of different aspects, some of which are easy to overlook. That is why it’s important to take the time to explore and create a detail-oriented list of the different procedures necessary to perform when preparing your customer’s AC units for the summer. Let’s see what the list should include.

How should I prepare my client’s AC units for the summer?

When summer comes, your customers expect, and rightfully so, their air conditioning systems to give them the comfort they need. After all, all of us want to escape the summer heat when it gets overwhelming. The best way to make sure their units function well is to perform a comprehensive summer maintenance check-up on their unit. Here’s how you can do that.

Changing the filters

While this is the most common and easiest task for summer AC preparation, it is nonetheless an essential one. Also, you should advise your customers to replace their filters at least once every two months (depending on the kind of filter) to ensure smooth operation and good indoor air quality

Cleaning the condensation lines

Pipes carrying condensation away from the air conditioning unit can easily become clogged. If that happens, there is risk of the entire unit becoming backed up, leaving your customer with a messy problem that demands additional repairs. Locate the area where the pipe is draining and check if everything is working as it should. If not, find the clog and remove it. 

Cleaning the outside unit coils

During the winter, your customer’s air conditioning unit was most likely not running, and it was sitting outside, collecting debris, mud, and dust. All that can clog the unit up, causing it to run in a sluggish manner. Simply inspecting and cleaning the outside coils and removing the gunk can help adequate operating capability. 

Cleaning the fins

Also, while dealing with the outside unit coils, clean the fins as well. Use a soft brush and gently run it across each individual fin. Be careful not to bend any of the fins, as they are made from thin metal. 

Checking the slab

When you’re done cleaning your customer’s outside unit, it’s time to inspect the concrete slab and ensure it’s level. If an outside AC unit is placed on an uneven surface, it will have a harder time operating at optimal capacity, spending more energy. If the slab is not level, use a board to pry it up, and add gravel underneath it until it’s perfectly level. 

Inspecting the ductwork

When inspecting the ductwork for potential leaks, the first place you should look for are disconnected joints, small holes, and separated pieces. If you happen to detect any leaks, seal them accordingly and ensure adequate airflow without disturbances. 

Measuring refrigeration pressure

Next, use your measuring equipment to check the refrigerant pressure in your customer’s air conditioning system. Your technicians should check current values and compare them with manufacturer’s design. If the values are too low or too high, servicing is necessary. 

Checking the wiring

Before inspecting the wiring on your client’s AC system, make sure to turn it off and disconnect the power line to make sure everything is completely safe. Open the panel and check whether all the wires are not burned and connected properly. 

Inspecting the motor

The motor should also be checked as part of summer maintenance to see if it’s running smoothly and if there is need for any lubrication or servicing. 

Installing a programmable thermostat

While not exactly a maintenance procedure per se, recommend a programmable thermostat to your clients if they don’t have one already. The installation procedure is easy with only a couple of necessary tools, and it can help your clients significantly lower their energy bills.air conditioner maintenance

Gustave A. Larson offers detailed air conditioning maintenance guidelines

Preparing your customer’s air conditioning units for the upcoming season of high temperatures and humidity is an essential service your clients expect you to perform well. That is why you should be as prepared as possible for the different aspects of getting an AC unit ready to operate at maximum capacity for the summer. But, if you find yourself struggling to do so, you can always turn to Gustave A. Larson.

We provide extensive help to all our certified partners. We’re here if you need a comprehensive procedure for installing an air conditioning system, if you’re looking for help designing an exhaustive checklist for AC inspections, as well as if you need answers for the most frequent questions about air conditioner repairs. We’ll do all we can to help you gain additional knowledge and improve your business operations. Contact us today!